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What Furniture Looks Best in an Orangery?

9th November 2015

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Once you've completed all the hard work of designing, building and finishing your orangery, it's time to think about what furniture will look best in this area of the home. Your new orangery is an extension of your current home, so you should consider the style and decor of your existing rooms, and choose a theme and colour palette that complements the rest of your home.

One of the most important parts of choosing the best furniture for your orangery is deciding what you want to use the room for. Will it be used mostly as a dining room, a place for busy family gatherings, or simply a beautiful blend of indoors and outdoors where you can relax, read and enjoy the views over the gardens around your home?

Once you have decided on the main function of your new space, it will help you refine what furniture will look best in your orangery. Read on to find out more about three different styles you can use to help inspire the decoration and furnishing of your new room. From a traditional look to contemporary décor, there's something to suit every home.

Three Style Choices for Your New Orangery

Traditional Furniture Choices for an Orangery

There's nothing more classic than a sleek, white backdrop with beautiful wicker furniture sofas, chairs and coffee tables to create a traditional look in your orangery. Keep the backdrop plain and simple to let the eye-catching furniture take centre stage in the room.

Minimise clutter and ensure any cushions, window dressings or accessories are muted and refined to prevent your beautiful new orangery from looking dated. This will also help to create a sense of space that will ensure the furniture you’ve chosen has the right impact.

Contemporary Furniture for an Orangery

With your new orangery acting as a blank canvas, there are plenty of options for contemporary furniture to create a striking new look. Choose sleek leather sofas, or a butcher's block dining table to stand as the focal point, and add sumptuous rugs and accessories in pale colours to let the furniture speak for itself.

However, don't let your contemporary furniture overpower the main feature of your structure and keep everything away from the expansive windows to make the most of your beautiful views. The aim here is to create a minimalist look that relies more on absence than it does on presence to achieve its desired effect.

Shabby Chic Options for an Orangery

You may not have heard of the term ‘shabby chic’ before. It describes a trend that is characterised by items that look worn or distressed and includes both hard and soft furnishings. A shabby chic interior style works extremely well in a bright open space such as an orangery and is easy to achieve with a few key pieces of furniture.

White wooden furniture – like sideboards, low coffee tables or shelving units – are ideal for a shabby chic look. You could even source some unusual wooden pieces from a flea market or online auction and paint them yourself for a truly personal item of furniture. A range of different design options is possible with shabby chic.

Accessorising Your New Orangery

The addition of intricate accessories such as photograph frames, flower garlands and fairy lights can truly add the finishing touches to your orangery.  No matter which style you decide to incorporate into your new orangery, choose your furniture items carefully and follow our tips to create a timeless room you can enjoy for years to come.

Orangery or Conservatory?

If you are still at the planning stage, you may be wondering what differentiates an orangery from a conservatory. When presented in the traditional mould, these two types of structure are aesthetically very different.

A traditional orangery is characterised by a high brick-to-glass ratio and will normally include pillars and a lantern roof. It will have a more enclosed feel to it and is, therefore, ideal for homeowners who value their privacy.

Traditional conservatories feature wide expanses of glass and are open more fully to the elements. They will often boast a glass roof – or a solid one that incorporates glazing – and will have been designed with light in mind.

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