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Solid or Tiled Conservatory Roofs – What’s the Difference?

29th June 2020

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Solid or Tiled Conservatory Roofs – What’s the Difference? 

Getting the right solid roof for your property can be time-consuming, costly, and confusing. Ultraframe’s solid roof option is Livinroof and tiled roof option is Ultraroof. All our approved Ultra Installers are experts in conservatory roofs and can help you choose the solid or tiled roof that’s right for you.

The short and simple answer to this question is as follows – A solid or tiled roof offer different advantages depending on your wants, needs and priorities.

Solid Conservatory Roof

What is the difference between a solid or tiled conservatory roof? Your Questions Answered

You’ll be spoilt for choice when you explore our range of solid or tiled conservatory roofs. Both our solid roof Livinroof and tiled roof Ultraroof are highly configurable and designed to cope with different shapes and sizes. Choose from either Livinroof or Ultraroof to build your new room in any of the following building styles: Gable, Georgian, Lean-to, P-shape, T-shape and Victorian.

External Finish:

Ultraroof’s tiled conservatory roof can be used to either match or contrast with your house roof using a selection of authentic lightweight tiles or real tiled or slates.

Livinroof is constructed from insulated aluminium or composite panels and has a distinctive contemporary design in anthracite grey.


With both, Livinroof solid roof and Ultraroof tiled roof, you can use glass panels to allow natural light to flood into the room. With Livinroof you can insert triangular or rectangular glass panels at preferred points within the roof, focussing the light exactly you want it to create a stunning design internally. Ultraroof’s full-length rectangle glass panels provide an elegant and stylish way to project natural light into the room below and are cost-effective vs roof lights.

Homeowners no longer need to choose between a solid or glass conservatory roof. That is because both Livinroof and Ultraroof combines both elements.

Solid Conservatory Roof

Internal Appearance: 

Ultraframe solid roofs and tiled roofs are stunning on the inside too. They deliver a magnificent vaulted ceiling and an internal pelmet around its perimeter, where downlights and speakers can be installed to create a cosy atmosphere. Ultraroof tiled roof can also be installed with the optional external soffit which lights can be added.

External Enhancements:

Externally, Livinroof solid roof and Ultraroof tiled roof can be finished off with a decorative cornice to tidy the appearance of the roof by hiding the frame interface and guttering. The classic curved shaped cornice looks beautiful with either Livinroof or Ultraroof, and Livinroof also offers a choice of 3 modern flat cornices that look stunning with the anthracite grey panels too.


The weight of building materials for a roof is measured in kg/m², kilogram per square meter (kg/m²). The weight of a solid or tiled roof is important when you are replacing the roof and keeping the existing frames. Livinroof weighs 31kg/m2, which is much lighter than its nearest solid roof equivalent. With Ultraroof weighing only 38kg/m2 to neither roof weights much more than a glass roof which can weigh up to 34kg/m2.

Snow is also much more likely to settle on a solid roof due to the insulation, so both Ultraroof and Livinroof are designed to withstand extreme wind and snow loads for your specific location right down to the long postcode.

  Livinroof Ultraroof
Any shape and size Yes Yes
Tie Bar Yes (on some shapes) No
External Finish Insulated Grey Panels Tiles
Rectangle Glass Panels Yes Yes
Shaped Glass Panels Yes No
Internal Pelmet Yes Yes
Cornice Option 4 Cornice types: Curved, 1 tier flat, 2 tier flat, 3 tier flat.  1 Cornice type: Curved
Weight 36kg/m2 38kg/m2
Available for new build Yes Yes
Available for roof replacement
Yes Yes


Solid or Tiled Conservatory Roofs – What is the Difference when replacing a roof? 

You may not need to demolish your conservatory and start again if you are thinking about replacing your glass or polycarbonate roof to a solid or tiled roof. If your frames and windows are still looking great and performing well, you may choose simply to replace the roof. Solid or tiled conservatory roofs can be fitted and watertight on the first day and finished in just a few days, as long as the existing base, windows and doors are structurally sound.

In a situation like this, whether you are replacing your conservatory roof with a solid or even a glass conservatory roof, Ultraframe’s are the best on the market. The postcode engineering which uses NASA satellite data to predict extreme weather ensures that every single roof is engineered for total structural integrity, as well as providing the best thermal performance and design options.

Livinroof Solid Roof

Livinroof with its flexible structure allows for the insertion of triangular or rectangular glass panels that can be placed strategically in the solid roof, so you will be able to choose where the light falls in your new room. 

This solid roof product offers the best of both, solid and glass conservatory roofs in one. With its modern grey panels, Livinroof is the perfect replacement product and is the only solution for customers with low-pitched roofs as low as 5◦ as most tiles can only be fitted on pitches over 10◦.

Livinroof Solid Roof

Ultraroof Solid Roof

Ultraroof is a lightweight system that is easy to install with incredible thermal performance, which can be installed and watertight in six hours. The entire process has been designed with convenience in mind. 

Ultraroof has superior strength for larger designs often eliminating the needs for expensive structural steels over large doors. Ultraroof never needs a tie bar unlike other tiled conservatory roofs, so your new room with its spacious, plastered ceiling will create an extension that feels special. Full-length glass panels can be inserted into the roof to provide a cost-effective and stylish way to project more natural light into the room and any adjoining rooms too.

Ultraroof Tiled Conservatory Roof

What is the difference between a solid or tiled conservatory roof? Your Nearest Ultra Installer has the Answer. 

Use our search tool to find an approved Ultra Installer in your area with the expertise to advise you. Whether you want an orangery, conservatory, or house extension, you’ll be able to get answers to your questions and some guideline prices too.

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