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How Much Does a Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost?

16th March 2018

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How Much Does a Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost?

You may have been exploring the replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost of removing your existing system. This material has been superseded by a newer system that offers enhanced levels of performance and improved aesthetics.

Instead of looking online for the lowest replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost, explore our range of systems, each of which will reward you with better levels of thermal efficiency and sunlight, improved sound insulation and stunning aesthetics.

Another reason not to Google ‘replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost’ is that you won’t achieve the same sense of space in your new conservatory, orangery or extension. Light helps to create an impression of size, which is especially important if you have limited room available at the back of your garden.

The performance glass used to create an Ultraframe replacement conservatory roof blocks out up to 83% of solar rays that will keep your new room cool during summer, while locking in the warmth at all other times. Your new room will be thermally efficient and contribute toward lower running costs.

So, rather than hunting for the most competitive replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost, contact your nearest Ultra Installer or read on to find out more about our range of products.

Best Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost - Explore Our Range

By choosing not to investigate the cheapest replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost, you’ll immediately gain all the benefits that our market-leading roofing systems supply. Enjoy improved heat retention, reduced solar heat gain, less noise pollution, better light transmission and a system that requires minimal upkeep.

Our range of conservatory roofs come from years of development. We only use premium grade materials, aiming for the highest possible standards of performance, aesthetic and durability to ensure a long-lasting home improvement solution that you can enjoy for years to come.

Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Quote

If I Choose Ultraframe, Instead of Searching for the Lowest Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost, What Will the Benefits Be?

Our replacement conservatory roofs feature an extensive range of personalisation options that can be tailored to your home aesthetic and individual taste. You can select different colours, roof shapes and more to create a design that is unique to your home. Your Ultra Installer will help you design a product that’s the perfect fit, advising you on the options available and making your dream a reality.

By deciding not to look for the cheapest replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost – and opting to install an Ultraframe system instead – you’ll be able to choose from a range of systems that could be specified to include:

  • a vaulted or suspended ceiling, the latter of which would create a better impression of space and continue the height from the adjoining room;
  • an insulated pelmet, which would accept the insertion of a range of light types and speakers to make your space cosy;
  • a thermally insulated ridge that, like the insulated pelmet, could be fitted with lights to create the right interior mood.

Maintenance and Year-Round Comfort: Two More Reasons Not to Search for the Lowest Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost

Depending on what specification of glazing you choose, it is possible to exclude up to 83% of the sun’s energy, make your conservatory usable all year round. It remains cool in the warmer months, making it a comfortable space to spend time even in the height of summer. Watch winter melt into spring and summer fade into autumn from the comfort of your home.

If you’re concerned about the replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost you saw online, worry no more. Our roofing systems can be built to suit your budget and will be designed to use the energy of the sun to burn off organic deposits and debris, while the smooth coating will wash away dust and dirt with ease.

Ultraframe: Your Choices If You’ve Decided Not to Look Online for a Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost


You won’t feel compelled to look for the best replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost when you’ve taken a closer look at the Livinroof. Best described as a hybrid system that brings together the best of solid and glass-based systems, this is a replacement conservatory roof that will allow you to shape the glazing your way and insert it at an optimal point that’ll create the right light effect.

If this wasn’t enough to dissuade you from calling around for the best replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost, the inclusion of an insulated pelmet, into which can be affixed lights and speakers, will hopefully encourage you to contact your nearest Ultra Installer for more information.


Similar to the Livinroof, in that it’s a hybrid replacement conservatory roof, the Ultraroof blends tiling and glazing to deliver a roof that is stunning and incredibly adaptable. Choose between full-height glazing or Velux windows and introduce light your way into your new room space.

The Ultraroof is the lightest tiled conservatory roof on the market, which means it’s a great choice if you want to overcome issues commonly created by planning permission and building regulation rules.

Still tempted to look online for a guideline replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost? The Ultraroof has been tested as a complete system by Warrington Fire and has met the following standards –B-roof, according to EN 13501-5: 2016; and AC, according to BS476-3:2004.

Performance Glass Replacement Roof

You won’t want to continue your research into the lowest replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost after you’ve spoken to our Ultra Installer about this highly-configurable system. Using our Classic Roof as the basis for its design, the Performance Glass Replacement Roof has been wind tested for water tightness at speeds of up to 130mph and can filter out up to 83% of solar rays to deliver a comfortable environment year-round.

Instead of entering a search term for ‘replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost,’ visit our Ultra Installer page to find an expert near you who can help you choose the right Ultraframe product.

Instead of Asking for the Lowest Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost, Contact Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Rather than looking for a company that can give you a guideline polycarbonate conservatory roof cost, search for your nearest Ultra Installer and ask about the many benefits of our product range.

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