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Can I Fit Air Conditioning to My Glass Extension?

1st August 2014

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When our engineers receive requests for advice about air conditioning, they are often asked about whether or not this is possible within glass extensions or conservatories. The good news is that it is usually perfectly possible, but there are some unique factors that need to be taken into consideration. Ultraframe staff use their own expertise to make sure that air conditioning in glass-based buildings works as efficiently as possible, and in many situations it is possible to install regular climate control machinery in a particular manner.

If you take a look at conventional air conditioning equipment elsewhere, you may notice that many buildings choose to have a ‘split’ setup. The noisy machinery that pumps out warm air sits on the outside, while the quieter room-cooling unit remains inside the living/working area. When considering air conditioning for a glass extension, a split unit is a sensible choice due to the small area in question - keeping the noisier elements of the system indoors will probably drown out both the TV and the surrounding conversations!

Finding the right air conditioning unit for your home is imperative to ensuring its comfort. With innovations in the market offering a wider choice of conservatory and extension styles, matching your property style and size can sometimes prove to be a stressful and time consuming process. We’ll be on hand to ensure your air conditioning unit suits what you are after, and our extensive range of versatile and market-leading products can easily accommodate for a selection of air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning: Things to Consider

Glass surfaces are also often far less capable of absorbing and blocking out excess noise, and this means that any installation near glass should be as quiet as possible. Having said all of this, it is also possible to install a ‘through the wall’ style of air conditioning unit that is capable of cooling a smaller area - this may be ideal for a conservatory or extension. As the name suggests, this type of machinery is fitted within a wall, and it handles the entire air cooling and heat extraction process. These are great for surfaces with a limited amount of space.

In terms of the total power that is required, it is also worth remembering that the required BTU (British Thermal Unit) amount will increase in conservatories and extensions that receive a lot of direct sunlight. As a general rule within the UK, south-facing glassed areas will need up to an extra 18 BTU of air conditioning power to remain effective during summer daylight hours. This is something to factor in when you choosing what sort of air condition unit you are planning on getting for your conservatory or extension.

Finding Your Ideal Air Conditioning

Choosing where to place your air conditioning unit is highly dependent on where you can place it. Many factors will determine this, including conservatory/extension size and style, as well as your own personal tastes. An Ultraframe specialist will be more than happy to help you find the right air conditioning unit to suit you. With a wealth of experience in the industry, they will be able to assess what will work and what won’t, as well as offering innovative and inspiring ideas on how you can make an awkward space work for you.

For example, a low floor console style unit can be fitted on a dwarf wall of 600m. In contrast to this, a ‘through the wall unit’, all in one style of air conditioning system does not require an outdoor unit. This makes this option ideal for homeowners who do not have the room, or who would not prefer, to have an outdoor unit present. This all in one system features a design that exchanges air through two ducted air grilles, taking air from the outside to cool and expels the hot air through the other. They stand as an innovative and practical solution.

Regarding low wall mounted systems, if one is not an option or preferred, you can opt for a high wall mounted system. These are a split style format which deals with hot by using the internal unit to eject it through the outdoor unit. We’ll be able to offer you the best option for your conservatory extension, to ensure that you enjoy a new home improvement that you can use even during the hottest summer days. We are proud to have a wealth of experience in the industry to ensure we always fit the very best option for your property.

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Our range of conservatories, orangeries, extensions and replacement roofs are the result of our heavy investment into research and development. We strive to always stand at the forefront of home improvement performance and design, allowing you to enhance your home with the most technologically advanced systems in the market.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer today to find out more on how you can enhance your home, as well as getting advice on what air conditioning unit to opt for. We vet and test all of our Ultraframe specialists to ensure they uphold our expected standards of professionalism, reliability, promptness and respect for your home.  

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