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A Valuable & Beautiful Living Space

5th September 2019

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Location: Oxford
System: Ultraroof
Ultraframe Network Partner: Vale Conservatory Company Ltd - Conservatory Installer Middlesex

Extension wish list

Mr Macfarlane and his wife inherited a conservatory when they bought their home in Oxford. The conservatory was old and poorly built and didn’t offer the space the couple needed, and so they decided to upgrade it into a stylish extension that could be used every day, as Mr Macfarlane explained that the conservatory was spoiling the view and didn’t offer the space that was needed. He and his wife were looking for an extension which provided a comfortable living space off the kitchen area which could be used every day, regardless of the weather outside. In addition, he didn’t want to make the adjoining kitchen dark and gloomy and so it was important to have some element of glazing in the roof of the new extension.

Planning the perfect living space

After contacting their local Ultra Installer, Vale Conservatory Company, the couple was extremely impressed by the wide range of options available to create their new extension with the living space they desired, using Ultraframe roof systems. Mr Macfarlane was very impressed by the options offered by Vale Conservatory Company - the quality, price, looks and ease of installation of Ultraframe systems really appealed to him.

He felt that Alex Fellows, from Vale, was very knowledgeable and able to explain the pros and cons of each option as well as providing drawings of what each would potentially look like, thus facilitating the decision-making process. They settled on a gable style extension featuring the Ultraroof tiled roof system and a large span of bi-fold doors on the gable end. Two full-length glazed panels were added to the roof close to the existing house wall to ensure that both the new extension and the adjoining kitchen benefitted from plenty of natural light.

Ticking all the boxes

Mr Macfarlane and his wife are delighted with their new extension, which has added a new dimension to the downstairs of their home and transformed an unused conservatory into a valuable and beautiful living space. Mr Macfarlane explained that the new Ultraroof extension is being used for exactly what he had planned, giving the extra space needed close to the kitchen and creating a room that is an enjoyable place to relax in. The worries about making the kitchen dark were solved by Ultraroof’s full length glazed panels – both our new extension and the kitchen are light-filled rooms that are a pleasure to spend time in. The customer service was excellent – Mr Macfarlane says that he can’t stress enough how professional and responsive Alex and the team at Vale Conservatory Company were. In fact, he has already recommended both Vale and Ultraframe products to a number of people. He is very pleased that he found them.


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