Quantal Aluminium Coloured Roofs

At Quantal, we want to offer our customers complete adaptability and versatility. Because each of our installations is tailored to suit its specific location, no two Quantal conservatories are exactly the same. And to make sure that every conservatory completely befits its surroundings and style, all our roofs can be supplied with an attractive and durable twin pack paint finish in any colour.

Coloured roofs can be used to enhance the look of a period property, and are just as effective when applied in a more modern, contemporary setting. Our collection of earthy, heritage colours are stunning when combined with the graceful period styling of our external aluminium features, such as the traditional solid cast cresting and finial. Alternatively, for a more contemporary look, our range of bright, bold colours will perfectly complement a modern orangery.

Every internal and external component can be coloured in any RAL or BS shade, giving our customers the opportunity to make sure their conservatory boasts exactly the required appearance, and allowing them an infinite choice of colours across the entire range of conservatory designs.

All components are prepared in our in-house paint shop with a 'spray and bake on' process at 60° centigrade and using the same high-grade acrylic formulation that’s used on modern car bodywork. So not only will your coloured conservatory roof exactly match your personal taste and the colour scheme of your home, but you can rest assured that the good looks will last for years to come.

The result is a finish that is beautiful, colourfast and completely durable. Even better than that, all our coloured conservatory roofs are fully guaranteed.