Traditional Orangery

The Ultraframe Traditional Orangery roof is a bespoke and purpose engineered system.

Each Orangery project is designed and engineered for your specific post code and the wind and snow loads operating in that area. Externally the Ultraframe Orangery features a flat roof perimeter which translates internally  into a deep ceiling around all four sides into which cable runs and services can be hidden.

The cut away illustration highlights the Orangery package supplied by Ultraframe using retail companies. View the Orangery Range.

Orangery Cross Section

The Ultraframe Traditional Orangery is perfect for the homeowner who wants a more grand and sophisticated extension. The Orangery roof lets light stream in to the room, whilst the  brick pillars give the room a more traditional extension feel and make the Orangery feel more solid. The  interior height of the Orangery adds further grandeur to this spectacular living space. View the Orangery Range.


Orangery Montage Image


The Ultraframe Traditional Orangery will really help you stand out from the crowd, this is no normal Orangery or extension, this is the ultimate home improvement.