What options can I specify on my orangery?

What options can I specify on my orangery?

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly an orangery is, think an extension to your house with a hint of conservatory. If like thousands of others you’re thinking of investing in one of these hugely popular structures, here’s what you should know.

A hint of orange

Believe it or not conservatories are thought to have developed from orangeries. In 17th century Europe, orangeries were the accessory of choice on upper-class estates where as the name suggests, they were used to house fruit trees and protect them from the elements. Orangeries have changed a lot since then and they are now considered a luxury living space and valuable addition to any property. As a rule orangeries usually feature more brickwork than conservatories but they still benefit from a glass roof and large windows.

The right glass

Although most orangeries utilise modern glass technologies and double glazing to ensure the right seasonal temperature throughout the year, when pondering the glazing options available, a glass design could be just what you need to transform your orangery from something special into something magical. There’s a range of glazing available with beautiful coloured, leaded or bevelled designs. Coloured glass is available in a myriad of attractive shades guaranteed to enhance the atmosphere of your orangery. Coloured glass can also be used to create an eye-catching border or very subtly placed in the centre of the top window to create a uniquely understated effect. For a timeless and classic appearance and striking visual image, you can also opt for traditional diamond or Georgian leaded patterns on the design of your glass.

A glass ceiling

There’s nothing better than a glass roof to sit under and gaze lazily at the sun, sky and stars, but when choosing a roof for your orangery, ensure you opt for one with solar control glass technology. You’ll benefit twofold from this. Firstly, during the long, languid summer days, it’ll reduce unwanted heat gain, and secondly, during a long, cold winter it’ll keep the warmth in and significantly reduce the amount of heat lost by absorbing it and reflecting it back into your orangery.

Finish in style

In general, orangeries tend to made using timber, although there are many stunning uPVC orangeries available. If the all white look isn’t really your cup of tea, then why not opt for a Light Oak, Wood grain, or Rosewood finish.