What Options Can I Specify for my Orangery?

1st November 2013

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What Options Can I Specify on My Orangery?

What is an orangery and why do you need one for your home? In its traditional form, an orangery looks and acts like a natural extension of a home. It is formed mostly from brick and is characterised by pillars at each corner.

Illumination is normally let into the area through a lantern roof, which is best described as a decorative window in the ceiling that will provide you with beautiful views whenever you care to glance upwards. 

How is an orangery different to a conservatory? A conservatory is predominantly of glass construction and designed to create a connection with the outside. Although it can incorporate blinds, is it not built with privation in mind. 

The distinction between orangeries and conservatories is a moot point these days. An orangery can be customised to include a higher glass-to-brick ration and can be opened to the outdoors by including bi-fold or patio doors.

Ultraframe can offer its customers a range of options that will enable them to customise their new room. Both traditional and contemporary designs will be possible, which means your orangery will look the way you expected.

An Orangery That Looks and Performs the Way You Want

To get the most of out of your new orangery, you’ll want to explore the different options available for customising your new product and as follows:

A Hint of Orange

Believe it or not, conservatories are thought to have developed from orangeries. In 17th century Europe, the orangery was an accessory of choice on upper-class estates where, as the name suggests, they were used to house fruit trees and protect them from the elements. 

The orangery has changed a lot since then and is now considered a luxury living space and valuable addition to any property. As a rule, an orangery usually features more brickworks than a conservatory, but still benefits from a glass roof and large windows.

The Right Glass

Although the modern orangery uses contemporary glass technologies and double glazing to ensure the right seasonal temperature throughout the year, when pondering the glazing options available, a glass design could be just what you need to transform your new room from something special into something magical. 

Glazing is available in beautiful coloured, leaded or bevelled designs. Coloured glass can be provided in a myriad of attractive shades for your orangery to create an eye-catching border, or subtly placed in the centre of the top window. For a timeless and classic appearance, opt for traditional diamond or Georgian leaded patterns.

A Glass Ceiling

There’s nothing better than a glass roof to sit under while you gaze at the sun, sky and stars; but, when choosing a roof for your orangery, ensure you opt for one with solar control glass technology. This will reduce unwanted heat gain, and keep the warmth in, while also absorbing it and reflecting it back into your orangery.

Doors and Windows

Depending on what effect you want to achieve, your new orangery can accommodate bi-fold doors that will open almost as fully as your threshold. This will help open your new room to your garden and add a touch of style.

Windows that catch passing breezes will help divert fresh air into your orangery. Tilt and turn is the most effective style of window and 

Finish in Style

In general, an orangery tends to be made using timber, although there are many stunning uPVC orangeries available. If the all-white look isn’t your cup of tea, then why not opt for a light oak, wood grain, or rosewood finish.

Ultrasky Lantern Roof

Have You Thought About a Lantern Roof?

Our Ultrasky system is a popular choice for homeowners who want to build an orangery extension and turn their roof into a feature that will catch people’s attention - whether they’re standing inside or outside.

The Ultrasky will add value to your new orangery because it can be:

  • colour customised to tie in with your window frames and internal schemes and themes;
  • fitted to include manual or automatic ventilation to ensure the circulation of fresh air;
  • upgraded by adding thermally efficient glass that will allow in light and reduce heat leakage;
  • installed in different rectangular formats that can be as large as 4m x 6m.

Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer

For more information about our orangeries and Ultrasky lantern roof, use our free search tool to find an approved Ultra Installer. They will be able to answer any technical- or design-related questions and quote for your project.

Complete the enquiry form presented at the end of the search process to contact the Ultraframe team and request further details about our conservatories, orangeries, conservatory roofs and other high-performing products.


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