What is an Ultrasky?


Ask any homeowner what quality they look for most in a property, and there’s a good chance they’ll say ‘light’. Helping to enhance the feeling of space and make a room feel more welcoming and more relaxing, light is an incredibly important feature in any interior.

If your home has a room that currently lacks natural light, one of the best ways to introduce more ambient light to the space is by installing a roof light. One of the most innovative, stylish and practical roof lights around at the moment is an Ultrasky, a fantastic system that will instantly transform your home.

What is an Ultrasky?

White UltraSkyThe Ultrasky lantern roof light is an stunning new roof light design that allows maximum light into your home while adding a stylish extra design feature to the space.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, it’s easy to find the unit that matches your home and your décor perfectly.

Key features of an Ultrasky

Reducing the need for unsightly, chunky roof ridges, the Ultrasky design maximises the available glass surface area and therefor the amount of light flooding into your home’s interior.

As well as bringing more light into the space, the unit’s elegant contours and stylish colours will help to create a fantastic feature both internally and externally, adding an eye-catching designer touch to your property.

The highly thermally efficient glass will help to minimise heat loss and noise pollution while still allowing plenty of light to enter your property.

If your property receives a lot of direct sunlight, opt for an Ultrasky with built in roof vent; that way you can regulate the temperature of your home and ensure it’s a fantastic place to be all year round.

Benefits of Ultrasky

Easy to install, stylish and durable, Ultrasky roof lights have a range of benefits over traditional roof light products.

Flooding your home with light and transforming the look and feel of the space, these fantastic roof units can be installed in existing flat roofs, a new build extension or orangery, bringing an eye-catching designer touch as well as a bright, light feel to the space.