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What Conservatory Colours Can I Choose?

11th July 2014

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Adding a conservatory, orangery or atrium to your property is a great way of enhancing your living space, and once installed you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner. So often, the conservatory or internal pelmet becomes the hub of the home; it’s the place where everyone wants to be no matter the weather.

Something that is definitely worth considering when deciding on the style of conservatory you want and any other features, is whether a coloured roof would add that extra finishing touch. Our conservatories are available in a range of colours, from subtle, heritage shades to bolder and brighter contemporary colours, and anything in between.

High Quality Conservatory Colours

In fact, the colour can be anything you want it to be. How is this possible? Colour choice is based on industry standard RAL and BS (British Standard) shade charts, so you can choose your colour as you would with ordinary, liquid paint. That, however, is where all similarities stop when comparing liquid paint and powder coating.

Our in-house paint shop team use the latest ‘spray and bake on’ process to powder coat the conservatory frame in the high-grade acrylic colour of your choice. It’s the same process used on car bodywork and modern bicycle frames that gives such a wonderful and durable finish. There is no need to settle for anything less.

Conservatory Customisation: Superior to Paint

With powder coating you get a superior finish, it’s as simple as that, so no running or sagging paint. Due to the application process and the fact that the paint is baked on at 60°C, the colour with powder coating adheres better than liquid paint and forms more of a skin over the frame. This allows you to enjoy a beautifully consistent finish across the board.

This results in an even distribution of colour so you won’t see any variations between vertical and horizontal sections. You’ll have a smooth, uniform finish, just as you see on those gleaming new cars in the showroom. The other great advantage of the powder coating process is the tough, durable finish that is fully guaranteed to last.

Getting the Right Conservatory Colour for You

Whatever your style of conservatory, period or contemporary, you can now add the ultimate finishing touch in any colour you want. This means that any Approved Ultra Installer will be able to tailor your new home improvement to suit both the size and style of your home, as well as your personal tastes and budget.

The colours that we offer comprise a real woodgrain texture, allowing them to stand as a perfectly complementary addition to traditional and modern buildings alike. This also means that you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a classic wooden appearance without having to worry about any of the maintenance problems that come with the material.

Our colour options include ‘White’, ‘Cream’, ‘Ebony Black’, ‘Sage Green’, ‘Grey’, ‘Rosewood’, ‘Light Oak’ and ‘Irish Oak’. This selection enables you to find a colour that conveys the character and charm that you are after. An Ultraframe specialise will be able to advise you on finding the best colour for your property.

Why is Colour Important?

Multiple studies have shown that colours can have a profound effect on our mood, including a notable positive effect on your wellbeing. So much so, it actually influences how we interact with each other and our surroundings. This is an important factor to consider when deciding what colour you will have in your conservatory, especially if you plan to spend a large amount of time in there.

Breaking up colour groups allows us to better explain the different effect that colour has, allowing you make much more of an informed decision when it comes to finding your ideal conservatory appearance:


Powerful and sophisticated, black is uncompromising in its ability to reveal hidden potential. A striking choice for any homeowner.


Known as the colour of purity, this well balanced and optimistic colour exudes a sense of openness and generosity.


This colour is the go to choice for lovers of nature, capturing a beautiful relationship between harmony and balance.


A subtle, understated choice that protects us from outside influence, greys are inherently independent and individualistic in their application.


Alleviating insecurity and bringing a sense of security, browns reflect the colour of mother earth to reflect a homely and comforting aesthetic.

Find Your Nearest Approved Ultra Installer

All Ultraframe specialists are well versed in the products and colours that we offer, which means they will be able to offer invaluable advice on how to get the best fit for your home. You won’t have to settle for anything less, with the most technologically advanced home improvement solutions on the current market.

Find your nearest approved Ultra Installer to benefit from unrivalled quality and professionalism across the board. We vet and assess all of our installers before we approve them, ensuring they stand in line with our market-leading standards. It's never been easier to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with unrivalled quality.

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