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What Base Options are Available for Your Conservatory?

26th November 2018

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A conservatory will allow to maximise your enjoyment of the sunshine in our temperamental British climate. A conservatory also provides an effective way to add light and space to the home, without the need to jump through the hoops of mainstream building regulations and planning permissions.

Having decided to install a conservatory, it is important to select the right base for your requirements and budget. There are two main types of conservatory base to choose from; a traditional build or a steel base construction.

Traditional Conservatory Base

A traditional base involves getting a builder to measure, dig and lay the foundations for your conservatory and complete any brickwork your design may involve. You or your builder will then need to screed the floor and lay your flooring.

The need to employ a professional for your project – which can take weeks –  increases cost can turn your home into a building site. It does, however, mean that someone does most of the work and will also be on hand to provide advice.

Steel Conservatory Base

If you choose a steel base, your conservatory can be built quickly and easily on pad foundations, creating just a few barrow loads of soil that can be redistributed around the garden –  so no need for the expensive skips required for a traditional build.

The steel base system also allows you to safely build over any parts of your existing drainage system that may run under the site, installing access panels over utility holes, if necessary. This avoids the need to bridge over or redirect existing pipework.

Once a steel frame base has been installed, modular walls can be put together in a matter of hours. The possibility of doing much of the work yourself cuts the cost of the project, an important factor if you’re building your conservatory on a budget.

Both these base options can provide a solid foundation on which to build your new conservatory; it’s just a matter of deciding which approach works best for you. Why not search for your nearest Ultra Installer and ask for their further guidance?

Can I Conduct the Survey Myself?

There’s nothing to stop you from completing the survey process for your conservatory on your own. We would always recommend consulting a surveyor or similar industry expert before commissioning any work – but you can use the following headings as a guide to get started.

All of our Which? Trusted Traders approved Ultra Installers are skilled at installing bases for conservatories and extensions and can build them to the required building regulations. 

When completing your survey:

  • Make sure your gas flue is not in proximity to your wall. It needs to be at a distance of at least 300mm and under no circumstances should it be directed at the frame of your conservatory. You’ll need to use a deflector to achieve this.
  • Is your conservatory like to be built over a public sewer? If it is, then you will need to obtain permission from your local authority to continue with the proposed work. This will involve speaking to the team that deals with building control.
  • Checking whether the wall of your property is straight is important. If you fail to check this, your measurements could be wrong. By verifying the facts at this stage, you’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments to your plans.
  • Are you thinking of replacing a patio or French door as part of your conservatory project? If you are, then please check whether the proposed replacement is an external product that will comply in full with existing building regulations.
  •  Should your conservatory be south facing, you’ll want to think about the best way to keep your room well-ventilated. A range of options will be available – including adding roof or window vents to encourage a constant flow of air.
  • Returning to the issue of the base construction of your conservatory, please investigate thoroughly if you are replacing an existing construction. The brickwork and base must be structurally sound in order to avoid problems occurring later.
  • If reading this article has raised questions you need help answering, you should speak to a qualified expert first to make sure your conservatory plans are sound. It’s worth the cost of a quick phone call to check your understanding first.

Contact Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Our accredited network of approved Ultra Installers is nationwide. This means you should be able to find an expert who can answer your planning permission and building regulation questions without any issues. Use our free search tool to get started.

When searching, you’ll also be invited to send a message to our experienced team. We would be happy to contact you with more information about our high-performing range of conservatories, orangeries, loggias and other associated products.

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