What Are the Differences Between Our House Extensions?

21st February 2014

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Getting the right house extensions for your property can sometimes be seen as a time consuming, costly and stressful affair. Not only do Ultra Approved Installers follow a meticulous five step process to ensure all things are handled properly, we also offer a choice of house extensions styles for you to find your perfect one easier.

Our house extensions, the ‘Ultraroof Extension’ and the ‘Livinroof Extension’, offer different advantages depending on what your priorities are and what is most important to you. Comprising exceptional style, size and customisation options, our extension options allow you to bring a bespoke and high performance addition to your home.

The house extensions that we offer utilise our innovative super insulated column technology, which combine a traditional aesthetic with modern design to deliver quality across the board. Due to their outstanding design, super insulated columns are five times more thermally efficient than traditional brick columns.

House Extensions: First Things First

Understanding our house extensions requires a quick overview of our super insulated columns. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, these columns offer distinct style from the ground up. They are also customisable, which allows you to bring a whole new look to your home extension in a way that suits you.

Super insulated columns are clad with powder coated, coloured aluminium cladding panels to bring harmony between function and form. This helps them to capture a striking appearance whilst internally improving usability and comfort levels, you’ll be able to enjoy a house extension that remains comfortable no matter the weather.

They also feature an internal perimeter ceiling, which can be tailored with a wide range of accessories, and a cornice decorative fascia that hides the end of the of the glazing bars for a beautifully consistent and clean finish. They also allow for a heightened amount of glazing whilst still complying with building regulations.

The Solid Roof Extension

Our solid roof house extensions utilise our Ultraroof design. This is a unique and innovative design that features a traditional tiled conservatory roof appearance, brought into the modern age by contemporary materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver across the board. This system offers a timeless aesthetic that is perfectly suited to any property type.

This solid roof extension comprises a magnificent vaulted plastered ceiling for an increased degree of spaciousness and airiness inside your new living area. The Ultraroof can be expertly tailored to your specifications, easily fitted with glazed windows or Velux windows for an increased degree of natural light allowance.

The external aesthetic of our solid house extensions features incredibly authentic lightweight co-polymer tiles that effortlessly capture the appearance of their traditional counterparts. They are available in three unique, high quality colours to ensure you get the perfect finish that suits your home and your personal tastes.

Glazed Roof Extension

Our glazed roof house extensions utilise our Livinroof design. This option is ideal for contemporary house extensions that feature wide spanning bi-fold doors. Standing as one of the most versatile house extensions on the market, our glazed roof extensions allow you to enjoy a generous amount of natural light allowance.

Due to an exceptionally modern design, our glazed roof extensions specialise in allowing you enjoy large glass areas without having to compromise on the thermal efficiency of your living area. This means that even in the colder winter months you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth and comfort you usually have in your home.

The glazed roof house extension that offer is also fitted with an internal pelmet as standard, which not only adds a charming flair to the build, it also offers a heightened degree of customisation. You’ll be able to bring down lights or spot lighting to act as main or mood lighting, as well as integrated speakers that retain style.

Our Five Step House Extensions Process

All Approved Ultrainstallers follow a carefully planned five step process to ensure they always deliver quality across the board. This process includes:

  • Free Site Survey
  • Specification and Quote
  • Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Built and Approved

You won’t have to settle for anything less than the highest standards of professionalism, reliability and quality with our house extensions.

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Enhance your home with the most technologically advanced extensions with Ultraframe. We heavily invest in research and development to ensure all of the designs that we offer excel in all areas of thermal efficiency, design, appearance, durability and performance. It’s never been easier to bring the best to your home.

Find your nearest Approved Ultrainstaller to secure a fuss free house extensions process. All of our Ultraframe specialists are well versed in installing our products, allowing them to ensure they always look and perform as they should. They will work closely with you to ensure you always get the right extension for you.

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