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The Unique Features of Ultraframe Conservatory Replacement Roofs

21st June 2013

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Choosing the right replacement conservatory roof is essential if you've decided to invest in a conservatory for your home. Not only can a conservatory add extra space but it can also add substantial value to your property. Conservatories are much sought after and so can be a major selling point of a home, which is well worth considering if you intend to sell up at some point in the future.

However, to ensure that your new conservatory is a worthy investment, you must make sure that yours is purchased from and installed by a company that is experienced in the design and manufacture of conservatory roofing systems. You want a company that excels in professionalism and reliability.

Although conservatories are also made up of a base structure and side frame windows and doors, it is the roof that is the most critical aspect of the structure. Ultraframe is a company that knows the importance of a high-quality replacement conservatory roof, which is why so many home-owners choose to invest in Ultraframe conservatory roofs.

Choosing an Ultraframe Conservatory Roof

The roof is the most important structural element of any conservatory, as it is what gives the structure its strength, stability and ventilation. This makes it crucial that you choose the best roof that your money can buy. Fortunately, Ultraframe conservatory roofs are not only one of the most cost-effective options but they come with an array of distinct advantages over other roofs.

For a start, they are more robust and durable, which makes them able to withstand all kinds of weather, throughout the seasons. This means that your conservatory roof will last through the years without needing to be replaced. In addition, Ultraframe's roofing systems are the only roofs that feature integrated ventilation systems.

These innovative ventilation systems offer year-round comfort and so can significantly improve your enjoyment of your new conservatory, making you want to spend time in it whenever you get the opportunity. If you want a high-quality conservatory roofing system, there's no better choice than an Ultraframe conservatory roof.

Remember, your new conservatory offers you and your family a wonderful space to relax in but it can also add significant value to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers and so more saleable.  Investing in the very best conservatory roof will enable you to bring value to your home that lasts much longer than the initial installation.

A Choice of Replacement Conservatory Roof Designs

Our market-leading replacement conservatory roof designs are available in three distinct styles: Classicroof, Livinroof and Ultraroof. Each of these options upholds their own unique elements, including variations in appearance and performance to suit a wide array of property styles and sizes, as well as personal budgets and preferences.

The Classicroof comprises an instantly recognisable aesthetic, offering a standard of quality and design that has been developed and enhanced for over 30 years. This market-leading glazed roof system features a selection of quality components that allows it to offer a ‘fit and forget’ standard of quality when installed.

The Livinroof features shaped glazing to capture a stunning appearance. This design is highly thermally efficient and operates in full compliance with all modern building regulations. Standing as a roof design that is more configurable than any other solid roof, the Livinroof is the perfect solution for a contemporary lean-to conservatory feel.

The Ultraroof specialises in transforming any conservatory into a beautiful extension that is both bright and warm throughout the year. This design is fitted with full height glass panels to let in generous amounts of natural light, this combines with a beautiful interior for a brighter and more spacious living area.

Versatile Replacement Conservatory Roofs

All of our replacement conservatory roof styles can be expertly tailored to suit your home, available to be fitted in accordance with our innovative and high performance super insulated columns. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of sizes and shapes, as well as a selection of tile colours on our Ultraroof options. These include ‘Carbon Grey’, ‘Harvest Brown’ and ‘Terra Brick’.

These conservatory roofs are designed with both the installer and the homeowner in mind. This means that they feature easy to fit components, reducing the stress on your part and the overall fitting time. You’ll be able to enjoy a leading standard of quality sooner, easier and in a way that completely suits you.

Find Your Nearest Replacement Conservatory Roof Installer

Our replacement conservatory roofs allow you to bring a new living area to your home that remains useable all throughout the year. No matter the weather, our conservatory roofs will keep your conservatory or extension warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We are proud to offer the most technologically advanced system on the market.

Find your nearest approved Ultra Installer today to enjoy the quality on offer. All of our Ultraframe specialists are tested and vetted for their competency and professionalism. They always work with courtesy and respect for your home, promising to deliver an exceptional product in a prompt and efficient manner. 

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