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Ultraframe’s Solid Roofs for Conservatories

6th June 2014

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A conservatory makes a lovely light place to relax and an easy way to create extra living space. However, older glazed conservatories and extensions can have some drawbacks, being uncomfortably hot in summer, expensive to heat in winter and difficult to integrate into the existing architectural style of the building.

Now Ultraframe’s new solid roof options provide fantastic solutions to all these issues.

• Livinroof is a replacement roof that can be used on a new build glazed extension to provide a contemporary look and superior thermal performance, combining solid panels and glass in almost infinite permutations.

• Ultrafoof is designed for new-build single story extensions but can also be retrofitted to existing extensions, with the structural strength needed for any building.

Livinroof: The Flexible Solution

Livinroof is the first roofing system designed to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly to create a room you can use all year round. It is incredibly versatile in its installation, which means you’ll be able to enjoy exceptional standards in a way that suits you. You’ll be able to enjoy generous amounts of natural light without compromising on thermal efficiency.

The system is strong and thermally efficient, being constructed from insulated composite external panels and Kingspan slab insulation, supported on Ultraframe’s market-leading Classic roof system for strength and rigidity proven in more than 1.5 million UK installations.

Livinroof can incorporate one or more glazed panels, allowing natural light to penetrate deeper into your room and giving the scope to create distinctive contemporary designs. Your nearest Approved Ultra Installer will work closely with you to ensure you get the perfect fit across the board, no matter the style or size of your home.

Internally, Livinroof can deliver wonderful vaulted living spaces, with internal pelmets for stunning perimeter lighting schemes. The ridge provides central lighting mounting points not normally available in a vaulted ceiling. We can also fit speakers into this pelmet, allowing you to set the mood perfectly.

Alternatively, Livinroof also provides suspended ceiling options, allowing you to create a cosier feel or continue the ceiling line from an adjoining room. Livinroof can be formed into any shape or roof style. Glazing panels can be inserted anywhere to help you maximise the use of natural light and give you a truly bespoke design.

Ultraroof: For Aesthetic Harmony

Ultraroof provides the ideal solution if you want your extension to live in complete architectural harmony, creating an impressive vaulted ceiling on the inside for wonderful light and space. This innovative design effortlessly combines the traditional form of a tiled roof with all of the benefits of modern, high performance design.

This is an innovative and ingeniously engineered roofing system that outperforms traditional build methods. Its patented box beam frame and insulated structural roof panels can support huge spans, allowing sweeping lines of windows or bi-fold doors with no additional support columns or beams. This structural integrity allows much faster and simpler installation.

It also provides the design scope needed to harmonise the extension into existing interior style and décor while flooding the house with more natural light, enhanced by roof window options. With support from masonry piers, Thermally Efficient Extension insulated columns or its integral aluminium posts, Ultraroof uses lightweight tiles in a choice of colours to either match or contrast with your homes roof.

Careful design, engineering and rigorous manufacturing standards combine to ensure Ultraroof delivers superb thermal insulation, exceeding a traditional roof, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a standard of quality that promises to deliver throughout the year:

• LABC approved.

• U-value down to 0.12 W/m²K.

• Fully guaranteed.

Super-Insulated Columns

Our market-leading roofs can be combined with our innovative super insulated columns to ensure you create a living space you can enjoy all throughout the year. These columns are inspired by the beautiful architecture of the Italian Renaissance, offering a period charm with all of the modern benefits.

Incredibly versatile and high performance, our super insulated columns offer a standard of thermal efficiency that is five times that of the traditional brick pier build. This means that you can enjoy all the aspects of an orangery aesthetic without any of the time consuming hang ups that can come with the installation.

Find Your Nearest Approved Conservatory Installer

We invest heavily in researching and developing our solid conservatory roofs to ensure we always stand at the frontier of performance and design. This means that when you choose a roof from Ultraframe, you’ll be able to enjoy the highest standards of thermal efficiency, durability, performance and design.

Finding your nearest approved Installer is made easy with our simple tool. All of our approved installers are assessed for their professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness when handling our products. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy an unrivalled standard of service across the board, no matter what roof you choose.

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