The features and benefits of Livinroof

Every now and then a product comes along that is a real game changer. Suddenly, a whole new vista opens up; what was great before gets even better. Take your existing conservatory, for instance. You may have had it for a good number of years and it has served you well – it’s the family’s favourite room. Problem is, it seems to take more heating in winter and can overheat in summer. It’s still a great space but it could be better.

Technology is constantly evolving, things that we once thought were unbeatable are taken to another level by new materials, applications, innovation, and design. Livinroof embodies this step forward in conservatory living. A solid roof concept that transforms the traditional conservatory into a modern living space, with the addition of a Livinroof solid conservatory roof you really can use this room all year round in total comfort, regardless of what the weather’s doing on the outside.


Why’s Livinroof so special?

One feature that makes such a difference is the fact that the roof is 15 times more efficient than the existing polycarbonate or glass roof that’s on there just now. This is expressed as an 0.18 U value, but what it means is that your conservatory will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, you’ll spend less on heating the room, and you can use the room all year round - it’s that simple.

Having a solid roof, makes the room less of a conservatory in a way, and more an integral part of your home. Because of the vaulted ceiling and plasterboard finish, you create a light, airy overhead space that can be further enhanced by adding glass panels, as well as your choice of lighting. From the outside, the pitched roof makes the conservatory appear more natural, as if it has always been a part of the house.

Livinroof comes in a beautiful urban grey shade that looks like classic rolled lead but with characteristics of glass, reflecting the sky above. Add a cornice to match the colour of the roof, for that extra touch of elegance. You can even vary the pitch of the roof, if height restriction is a factor. Adding a solid roof to your existing conservatory will make a world of difference and is a great way of maximising an existing space with minimum disruption.