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Small Orangeries Yield Surprisingly Big Results

16th March 2018

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Small Orangeries Yield Surprisingly Big Results

Have you been investigating small orangeries, but have been worried about how much space you have available? Adding a small orangery to your home can bring with it a range of benefits, while still allowing you to make the most of the space that you have available. The orangery is essentially a traditional atrium-style conservatory, meaning that you can enjoy all the benefits of both conservatory and brick extension. It offers the best of both worlds, feeling as though it is part of the property rather than an afterthought. Built with more brick than glass, it feels like a cohesive part of your home, which provides greater privacy and insulation, while offering extra sunlight and the illusion of more space.

Small Orangeries Come with Many Benefits

If you are a homeowner concerned about size restraints, small orangeries offer the perfect solution to add extra space with an easy and accessible link between your home and garden. Opting to have your orangery built with minimal brick work maximises the natural light that enters your property and elevates the feel of your home. Adding sky lights can enhance the sunlight further, optimising the brightness and making it a light and airy room for all of the family to enjoy.

You don’t need much space to add a practical orangery, as it will work well in smaller areas and can add an element to your home that can be utilised as a space to entertain, relax or spend family time. With a thoughtful approach to the decoration and lighting, small orangeries can transform a space and maximise the effect it provides.

Small orangeries are less expensive and will enable you to concentrate on the smaller and more personal decoration. You can afford to spend time on the finishing touches that will leave a lasting impression. With small orangeries, it is unlikely that you’ll come up against planning permission issues, making the project smoother and easier to conduct. You can check the planning portal for the most up to date regulations.

A Closer Look at the Design Options Available with Our Small Orangeries

When exploring the wide range choices available with our small orangeries, you’ll be able to find plenty of inspiration for your project. Depending on which style you choose, you’ll be able to add super-insulated or brick columns and a decorative cornice, both of which will create a stunning external view of your new room.

Ultrasky Roof

Our revolutionary Ultrasky prioritises warmth and light, which means it is ideally suited for small orangeries. Guaranteed for ten years, it is renowned as the market’s strongest glazed roof design available, which will certainly give you peace of mind about the quality of your orangery roof.

Our glazing options can make your small orangery feel vast in size, giving the illusion of more space. You’ll benefit from views of blue skies and starry nights. With the addition of solar control glass technology, your small orangery can reduce unwanted heat gain and keep the warmth in, while absorbing it and reflecting it back into the room.

All our Ultrasky designs include a thermally insulated super strong ridge at the very centre, which reduces the need for multiple bars, maximising the amount of glass used and creating an incredible living space that you can be proud of.

Super-Insulated Columns

Small orangeries work in perfect harmony with our super-insulated columns, which add a touch of decorative style. Aluminium cladded designs are available, and you can choose between two styles – fluted or flat. The larger super-insulated columns are installed at the corner sections of the orangery, whereas the smaller ones work best when used inline. This achieves U-values as low as 0.16, making the thermal performance of your columns five times higher than that of a brick pier of equivalent size.

Decorative Cornice

A decorative cornice will work wonders at hiding your guttering and improving the external sightlines of your orangery. It can be fitted in one of three flat tier formats, which look beautifully modern, sit at 90° angles and can be used on all size builds including small orangeries. We also offer a curved cornice, which is compatible with all our small orangeries and can be fitted at 135°.

Our Ultra Installers are highly skilled when it comes to designing and installing our small orangeries and will only settle for the highest possible standards. They will make sure any planning permission or building regulations are taken care of so that you won’t have to.

Structural Goal Post

The structural goal post is perfect for small orangeries and allows for widths of up to 6.5m, which means it offers flexible options for doors. You can choose to include bi-fold, patio or French doors to add excellent access to and from the outdoor space. The structural goal post is light in weight and easy to install, with it being easily concealed within the brick piers or super-insulated columns.

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What Options Are Available with Small Orangeries?

Our Traditional Orangery acts as a natural extension of your home, matching the aesthetics of your property and adding increased space and light. It is formed mostly from masonry, making it feel more of a permanent structure than a conservatory and is characterised by pillars at each corner.

The difference between orangeries and conservatories has such a fine line these days, especially with orangeries being a much more flexible and versatile build. The standard definition is that a conservatory has at least half of its side wall areas glazed and 75% of its roof must be glazed with a clear material – either glass or polycarbonate.

Our small orangeries have a large range of options and styles for you to customise the room to your exact specifications and requirements. You can select from either a traditional or contemporary design, depending on what would best suit your home. Either way, you can create a unique solution that is completely bespoke to you.

Our small orangeries use contemporary glass technologies and double glazing to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round. These glass designs are self-cleaning and block out solar rays in hotter weather to maintain comfortable internal temperature. When deciding on the glazing option to suit your property, you can choose an option that will create a unique and eye-catching design that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Have a Question About Small Orangeries? Your Nearest Ultra Installer Can Help

To find out more information about our small orangeries, you can use our free search tool to locate an approved Ultra Installer near you. They will have all the knowledge and expertise to provide you with an answer to any question you have about our product range. If you like, you can submit a request to us during the process to get more information from us directly. A member of our helpful team can contact you for an in-depth chat about our small orangeries without an obligation to buy.

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