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Options for Remodelling an Orangery Interior

18th April 2014

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What Options are Available for Remodelling an Orangery's Interior?

Are you weighing up the pros and cons of an orangery versus a conservatory? Or do you already have an orangery that needs modernisation? Whatever search term has brought you to this page, you’ll be able to explore some useful tips that’ll bring your new room to life.

What is an orangery? Traditionally, it is an extension that’s characterised by a high brick-to-glass ratio and features pillars that give it a homely feel. By contrast, a conservatory uses more glazing, brings the outdoors closer, and is less concerned with privation.

The demarcating line that once separated the orangery from the conservatory is blurring. An orangery can be built to mimic the appearance of a conservatory through the exclusion of brick pillars, and by introducing more glass to create a contemporary effect.

Your New Ultraframe Orangery: Design Without Limitation

Build your new orangery the way you want to by exploring a range of design options that will help you achieve the best visual impact, while at the same time rewarding you with a range of practical benefits that will make your new room a joy to spend time in.


The best flooring for your orangery depends on two things, what you can afford, and how you intend to use the room. If you intend to keep a lot of plants, or if casual dining will take place there, a wipe-clean floor is best. 

Linoleum is the lower cost option and can look effective, with many different colour options to choose from. Stone flags are the traditional choice, from marble at the very top end, to more affordable – but stylish – options like slate. 

Some people prefer sealed wooden boards, which can tie in neatly with décor themes elsewhere in the house, and look good if the orangery is used as a sitting room – in which case a carpet is also a viable design option. 


The easiest thing to replace in an orangery is the furniture. The trick is to match the style of tables and chairs to the shapes in the room. Choose tall, straight furniture if the room has upright pillars and oblong shapes, or chairs with arched backs if it has arched windows.


To imbue your new orangery with that much-coveted classic look, remove items like cushions or unnecessary accessories and introduce timeless furniture items like wicker chairs, sofas and tables that will stand out against your new and uncluttered backdrop. 


Remove any dressing or ornamentation from the windows, so that focus is placed solely on the clean outlines of your orangery. Use modern furniture that continues the minimalist theme of your new room and which will blend in, instead of overpowering your design.

Shabby Chic

The distressed look is still in vogue and will make your orangery stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Available in hard and soft designs, it’s the perfect choice if your focus is on creating a room that’s filled with lots of natural and space-creating light.


In a wood-built orangery, repainting the walls is easy. If you have a stone one, consider plastering a feature wall. Painting it in a strong, defining colour can add character to the room. If you plan to have plants climbing across a wall, be sure to seal it against damp.

Windows and Doors

Upgrading the glass in an orangery to high-performing glazing can be done at surprisingly low cost and can soon start saving you money on heating as well as making it look better. Improved seals on doors and windows also help. 

Some people also choose to upgrade their doors, for instance by removing old-fashioned patio doors and replacing them with more stylish, better quality bi-folding ones. These simple changes can make the orangery feel like a whole new room.

Bi-folding or sliding patio doors can, for example, be opened almost fully in-line with your threshold. Your orangery will feel more connected to the outside and visitors to your home will be able to come and go as they please without waiting.

Combined with tilt and turn windows – which open in more than one direction and catch breezes other designs will miss – your bi-folding or sliding patio doors will contribute to the creation of a well-ventilated room that’s the perfect temperature.

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