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New Year, New House Extension

18th December 2015

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New House Extension

The new year welcomes in many changes for many people, most of which are not always long-lasting. But if you’re thinking of investing in house extensions this year, then the guise of a new year’s resolution is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Our products offer exceptional quality, so don’t worry, they’ll last. This stands true even after extensive use or exposure to the elements.

However, when it comes to house extensions we know that decisions can seem daunting – do you need planning permission, building regulations, how do you find the right partner to do the work?  So we’ve pulled together a simple guide to help you make the right choices, ensuring you get a new addition to your home that’s right for you.

Finding the Right House Extension for You

House Extensions: Space, for Now, Space for the Future

Some people love a full house and entertaining, if that’s you then you probably look forward to the festive period or summer time.  But what sort of house best accommodates a wealth of visitors?  Consider whether you like open plan entertaining, or if you prefer to keep spaces separate?  Our house extensions can easily accommodate for any requirements you may need.

Ultimately, you just have to think about what works best for you – is it space for open plan living you need or an extra cosy conservatory to find some sanctuary? With our comprehensive selection of extension styles, you are sure to find the one that perfectly suits your property style, size and personal tastes. No matter if your property is old or new, we’ll have something to suit.

House Extensions: Kids, Toys and the ‘Plastic’ Years

If you’ve got children then every Christmas or birthday can bring with it a glut of new things – whether it’s gaming, dolls houses, computers or a play kitchen, you can be rest assured that you’ll need to find a space for all the extra stuff.

But think about the age of your children when you consider a house extension.  If you’ve got small children, or even planning a family, then a playroom in the form of a solid roof extension using Livinroof or Ultraroof will keep your room user-friendly all year round.

 Also consider if you want the extra space to be open or closed off to the rest of the house?  Open plan living is a great way to create a super sociable space for growing families but sometimes having a space that can be closed off keeps the room flexible over the coming years.

House Extensions: To Knock Through or Not?

Traditionally, home owners were put off by the thought off ‘knocking through’ because it appeared to come with complications, red tape and of course additional cost. Hence the popularity of the conservatory, a highly versatile and practical home improvement choice.  

The conservatory is still a popular choice today for home owners looking for extra living space as an additional room filled with natural daylight.  But the decision to knock through shouldn’t be about ease and convenience, it should be about finding the right fit for your property and one that lasts.  

All of our Building Regulation compliant extensions pre-approved to Building Regulations, completely eliminating any uncertainty or headache. We also offer a simple and effective 5 step process to ensure you enjoy your new home improvement solution sooner and easier.

House Extensions: Time to Plan

Once you’ve agreed what your extension will look like you can crack on in earnest and with complete peace of mind.  An extension from Ultraframe can be up and operational in as little as four weeks – now that’s an impressive time!

Taking the time to plan is important, as our range of extensions are sure to be an investment for any property. You’ll want to arrange the installation round your daily life, where an Ultra Approved Installer will strive to minimise disruption throughout the installation.

We offer a comprehensive selection of customisation options, including internal accessories and a range of colours and foils that can be tailored to meet your bespoke specifications. Take the time to browse and find the perfect addition to your home.

Find Your Nearest House Extension Installer

Ultraframe invest heavily into the research and development of our house extensions, which means they always stand at the forefront of performance, appearance and design. Priding ourselves on offering the most technologically advanced systems on the current market, our house extensions deliver more from the ground up.

Find your nearest Ultra Approved Installer to benefit from the exceptional quality we have on offer. All Ultraframe specialists are vetted and approved in accordance with a stringent process to ensure your complete peace of mind. Don’t settle for anything less when your enhancing your home with the very best the industry has to offer.

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