New Anchor Clip

In line with their strategy of continual research and improvement, ultraframe has launched an Anchor Clip for use with the Classic roof system. This offers enhanced resistance to the expansion and contraction of uPVC top cappings, which can break site-applied silicone seals at the glazing bars/ridge intersectors and jack rafter/hipbar joints.


The Anchor Clip fits snugly into a routed hole in the teeth of the aluminium glazing bar, with its jaws grabbing onto the barbs on the uPVC top cap to prevent any potential movement, should the top cap expand and/or contract, either up or down-slope as the outside temperature changes. The clips are also utilised on jack rafters to ensure the seal between the jacks and the Georgian bars is preserved.


Mark Hanson, Marketing Manager at ultraframe commented: �With over one million ultraframe roofs performing day in, day out it would be easy for us to rest on our laurels. However, the ethos at ultraframe is, and always has been to invest in research and development, allowing us to offer both new products, as well as enhancements to existing systems, such as the new Anchor Clip. Many of these improvements have come about as a result of co-operative work with key customers and this new product has come about as a direct result of feedback from fitters.�


The Anchor Clips can be used with any of ultraframe�s 3 types of pvc top capping � dome/bevel chambered tops caps, as well as the original �cappas�. The Clips are specified at the time of ordering and work in tandem with existing ultraframe technology to control movement during extreme�s of temperature fluctuation.

When Anchor Clips are specified, the glazing bars and jack rafters are then prepped at the ridge end of the slope by the insertion of a hole through the teeth in the aluminium bar. An Anchor Clip is then factory-fitted into this hole, giving peace of mind to fitters and conservatory owners that the glazing bars will remain securely in place for a long time to come and thus, the all-important site-applied weather-resistant seals will remain intact.


The Anchor Clips are yet another selling point of the ultraframe glazing bar system, enabling quality installation companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. Chambered top caps were launched to much acclaim in 2005 and ensure outstanding thermal performance, in addition to resistance from bowing and twisting, particularly on foiled bars.


Mark Hanson concluded: �The Anchor Clip ensures all round security to ensure a weather-tight finish for years to come. We believe that the Anchor Clip will be greatly welcomed by fitters.�

For further information about the new Anchor Clip call the ultraframe Installer First Team on 0870 4141002.


May 07

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In 2006 the privately owned Latium Group, which has many interests within the glass & glazing and home improvement markets acquired Ultraframe. The Latium Group is owned by entrepreneur Brian Kennedy.

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