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Enhancing the Classic Conservatory Roof System

17th May 2007

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In line with our strategy of continual research and improvement, we developed an anchor clip for use with the Classic conservatory roof system. This offers enhanced resistance to the expansion and contraction of uPVC top cappings, which can break site-applied silicone seals at the glazing bars/ridge intersectors and jack rafter/hipbar joints.

The Anchor Clip fits snugly into a routed hole in the teeth of the aluminium glazing bar, with its jaws grabbing onto the barbs on the uPVC top cap to prevent any potential movement, should the top cap expand and/or contract. This is important for maintaining both roof integrity and your comfort during changes of temperature over the seasons.

The Classic conservatory roof system that we offer has been continually improved over the past 30 years, allowing us to refine how it performs to suit the demands and expectations of modern home improvement solutions. Excelling in both function and form, this roof is the smarter way to enhance the comfort of your home across the year.

Our Marketing Manager commented:

“With over one million Ultraframe roofs performing day in, day out it would be easy for us to rest on our laurels. However, the ethos at Ultraframe is, and always has been to invest in research and development, allowing us to offer both new products, as well as enhancements to existing systems, such as the new Anchor Clip. Many of these improvements have come about as a result of co-operative work with key customers and this new product has come about as a direct result of feedback from fitters.”

A Versatile Addition to Our Conservatory Roofs

These anchor clips can be used with any of our uPVC top capping dome/bevel chambered top caps, as well as the original cap. The clips are specified at the time of ordering and work in tandem with existing Ultraframe technology to control movement during extremes of temperature fluctuation. They are designed to offer you a higher degree of quality for your home.

When anchor clips are specified, the glazing bars and jack rafters are then prepped at the ridge end of the slope by the insertion of a hole through the teeth in the aluminium bar. An anchor clip is then factory-fitted into this hole, giving peace of mind to fitters and conservatory owners that the glazing bars will remain securely in place for a long time, achieving a conservatory roof that lasts.

These anchor clips are yet another exceptional point of the Ultraframe conservatory roof system, enabling quality installation companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. Chambered top caps were launched to much acclaim in 2005 and ensure outstanding thermal performance, in addition to resistance from bowing and twisting, particularly on foiled bars.

Why Choose the Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roof?

Tried and tested for over 30 years, and with over a million classic conservatory roofs installed, the Classic conservatory roof system has proven itself to be a favourite amongst homeowners. This market-leading glazed roof system achieves an unrivalled degree of performance across the board, excelling in thermal efficiency, security and durability.

Comprising a quick fit ‘Speed Lock’ and an intelligently reduced amount of high quality components, the Classic conservatory roof upholds such a high level of reliability that it has been hailed as a ‘fix and forget’ home improvement solution. You won’t have to worry about your conservatory falling apart over the years.

This conservatory roof system can also be fitted with a central lighting panel, allowing you to choose spotlights or downlights as your main lighting or mood lighting options. This combines with an intelligently designed internal pelmet that enables our Classic conservatory roofs to offer a ‘room-like’ feel wherever they are installed.

A Thermally Efficient Conservatory Roof Design

The Classic roof is the only glazed roofing system with a controllable ventilation ridge, allowing you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This system allows for a heightened degree of versatility, enabling you to enjoy your conservatory or extension all throughout the year, no matter what the British weather throws.

This roofing system can also be combined with our high performance, super-insulated columns. Due to their modern design, these columns are five times more thermally efficient than their brick counterparts. When combined with the Classic conservatory roof system, you’ll be able to enjoy a heightened degree of heat retention in your home.

Find Your Nearest Classic Conservatory Roof Installer

Due to our investment in research and development, we are able to offer the most technologically advanced conservatory roof systems on the current market. You won’t have to settle for anything less with Ultraframe products, designed from the ground up to achieve cutting-edge standards of performance and aesthetic.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to enhance your home with unrivalled quality. All Ultraframe specialists are vetted and approved by use, ensuring they work in accordance with our usual high standards. It’s never been easier the highest standards of professionalism, reliability and respect for your home. You won't have to settle for less.

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