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22nd March 2005

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Once known as the ‘Victorian Roof System’, the Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof system has grown from strength to strength. A host of innovative features have been added over the years, including uPVC chambered top cappings, to make the original and most trusted conservatory roof system on the market, even better.

This high performance conservatory roof is the result of over 30 years of engineering innovation and progression. Standing as a market-leading design, this system is sure to be the perfect addition to any conservatory or house extension. It offers a completely timeless aesthetic, seamlessly complementing property size and style.

Due to our unique approach, all Classic conservatory roofs utilise quality components that allow for a ‘fit and forget’ approach. This means that they will continue to bring quality and performance for many years, even after prolonged exposure to the elements. With over 1 million of these roofs installed, they set the standard for reliability and efficiency.

The Marketing Director at Ultraframe said:

 “Ultraframe’s Victorian system has been a favourite for fabricators and installers for more than 20 years and has established itself at the cutting edge of conservatory roof system design and manufacture. Its reputation for leading the market in quality, configurability and structural integrity means the system has earned its position as the modern ‘Classic’ roofing system.”

An Impressive Conservatory Roof Design

Unique, patented technology on the Classic conservatory roof system includes a suite of uPVC chambered thermal top cappings. Available in a choice of two distinct designs, sculpted for a pleasing appearance in either a geometric or a more rounded profile, the uPVC top cappings trap air in expertly designed air pockets to enhance thermal efficiency.

This innovative design prevents heat loss through leakage points, virtually eliminating cold bridging and condensation. This lowers the overall U-value, and makes the system 40% more thermally efficient than competitor systems. Installers can be confident that the new technology means the Classic system exceeds expected building regulations.

For homeowners, it means enhanced comfort levels as the internal temperature is amplified up to four degrees centigrade warmer than competing aluminium systems under the same test conditions. Another huge benefit of the new chambered top capping profile is the fact that it virtually eliminates warping and twisting, especially where foils are used, to increase the structural integrity of the roof.

The Classic Conservatory Roof System: Intelligent Features

Hidden gaskets mechanically clamp the glazing material in place for additional security, removing the chance of slippage. Ultraframe has also introduced a 35mm glazing option. The Classic system includes decorative strips and a choice of foils, crestings and finials. For you this means even more options to personalise your conservatory.

We also cut the number of components required for the current system, reducing the complexity of the Classic conservatory roof system without any compromise to system configurability. Not only does this lead the way for a more stylish finish, it will also reduce installation time so you can enjoy this leading quality sooner and easier.

Not only does the Classic conservatory roof system achieve an impressive aesthetic, it also utilise an intelligent design to capture increased home comfort. This includes a high strength twin wall chambered top cap to offer improved thermal performance and reduce the risk of condensation, maintaining a warmer living area throughout the year.

The Marketing Director of Ultraframe continued:

“The enhancements to our Classic system are a sign of Ultraframe’s continued commitment to this long established and popular product range. Ultraframe are committed to providing their customers with a range of product options to suit all styles, all applications and all consumers with conservatory solutions which offer the highest quality and innovative designs. While other manufacturers innovate to shave costs, Ultraframe is investing heavily to create a unique range that is quite simply a Classic for today!”

Classic Conservatory Roof System: The Internal Pelmet

Standing as a unique addition that notably expands customisation potential, the internal pelmet allows the Classic conservatory roof system to offer a room-like feel, with a plasterboard finish creating a seamless transition between your property interiors. This means you’ll be able to benefit from a conservatory system that offers more.

The internal pelmet can also be used to house downlights and spotlights that can function as your main lighting or mood lighting options. You can also opt for blinds or insulation for increased privacy and comfort, or integrated speakers for a functional and practical conservatory roof system. With Ultraframe, the choice is yours.

Find Your Nearest Classic Conservatory Roof Installer

The Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a timeless aesthetic with the function and performance of a modern design. This harmony is made possible by our heavy investment into research and development, allowing our systems to stand at the forefront of home improvement designs.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to enhance your home with the best. All Ultraframe specialists are vetted and approved in accordance to our stringent process, which ensures they always uphold the highest standards of professionalism, reliability and efficiency for you complete peace of mind.

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