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Improving the Classic Conservatory Roof

29th September 2006

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With over one million Classic conservatory roofs sold in the UK, Ultraframe’s longest established roof remains an incredibly popular choice for homeowners. This popularity is sustained through the constant improvements Ultraframe has made to the product over the years. After listening to feedback from our customers, we have applied technical improvements to make its design an exceptional choice for any home.

Our Classic conservatory roof system is the result of over 30 years of innovation and technological engineering, enhancing traditional values to stand in line with the demands of the modern day. With such high quality and easy to fit components, this conservatory roof comprises of a build quality that has been hailed as ‘fit and forget’. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a standard of quality that is set to last the test of time.

Our Design and Development Director at Ultraframe Explains the Range of Enhancements That Have Been Made to the Classic Conservatory Roof:

“In 2005 Ultraframe set up a programme of regular installer and fabricator consultation days for its customers. These events provide an opportunity for customers nationwide to review our latest developments and give vital feedback to shape the way Ultraframe products and services are evolved.

The enhancements to Classic are a direct result of this feedback. Our customers are loyal to our existing tried and tested roofing systems and the innovative and important enhancements to products like Classic are of great value to them. Through their comments we have identified ways in which we can help to make their jobs even easier and help them to sell more conservatories.”

Versatile Conservatory Roof System

Offering a completely timeless aesthetic, the Classic conservatory roof system can be tailored to complement a wide range of property styles. This means that it doesn’t matter if your home is modern, traditional, period or heritage, your nearest Approved Ultra Installer will be able to offer you the highest standards available.

You can also combine this high performance conservatory roof with our innovative super insulated columns. These columns draw inspiration from the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, which allows them to combine modern function with a classic form. They also achieve a thermal efficiency that is five times that of traditional brick piers.

Our Design and Development Director at Continues:

“Our Classic system is still widely recognised as the best system on the market. Customers rate it highly because of its excellent value, its aesthetic appeal and its market leading ventilation.

The roof has unmatched flexibility to cope with any roof design or configuration and is often the only system that can be used when a heavy glass roof is required. Add to this an extensive range of extras and it is easy to see why customers love the Classic brand.

You may think that this popular product has been in the market long enough to meet all anticipated needs but, markets are constantly changing and developing and there is always room for improvement to meet the new requirements. In the light of this, we have unveiled a number of enhancements to the Classic system.”

The UK's Only Tie Bar Alternative

Our innovative tie bar replacement kit for the Classic conservatory roof system offers an innovative and comprehensive alternative to the traditional tie bar often required to support larger span conservatories. This feature allows you to enjoy an increased degree of peace of mind, knowing that the structural integrity of your roof is guaranteed.

The tie bar replacement kit comprises a series of radical new features, including a new aluminium bolster beam along the ridge, which acts as one with the existing ridge improving its resistance to deflection. We also use new end stops on the eaves beam to secure the conservatory to the host wall securely.

By strengthening the conservatory roof ridge, the kit significantly reduces the requirement for tie bars, meaning less than 10% of Classic conservatories will now need them. The kit is a direct result of the market’s desire to enhance the internal appearance of a large conservatory roof, giving installers the flexibility to deliver a conservatory that satisfies your needs and expectations.

High Performance Tie Bar Boss

We have also launched a revised boss cover which hides the ends of the threaded bar where it meets in the centre of the tie bar. It consists of a front and back cover plate featuring a threaded connector and receiver. The two plates simply fit together with a quick spin, making finishing much quicker and easier.

Understandably, this could be seen as a bit of ‘technical jargon’. However, it is important to note that these features enable a prompt and efficient installation of this conservatory roof system, allowing you to enjoy a technologically superior home improvement solution sooner rather than later. This intelligent design will allow you to enjoy the best in an easy way.

New Bolster End Caps

Where large projection lean-tos or P-shapes require a bolster bar to give the design structural integrity, Ultraframe has created a new bolster end cap to ensure a perfect finish. These injection moulded end caps replace the need for complex compound mitres on the standard cladding, allowing you to enjoy a beautifully consistent and eye catching finish.

In an on-site situation, where an installer is finishing into the eaves beam cladding on a 90 degree corner, the new end cap simply push fits over the box section profile to give a discreet but effective finish. The end cap is supplied at both ends of the bolster, whenever a bolster is needed and is included in the overall cost of the roof.

Raised Back Box Gutter

Following extensive computer aided design (CAD), theoretical modelling and factory testing, Ultraframe has improved the engineering and weathering details on its raised back box gutter. We have used new materials and improved welding techniques and the manufacturing process to create an enhanced raised back box gutter for homeowners to benefit from.

Key to the gutter is the inclusion of a refined parabolic bolt slot head detail and the integration of a short run of glazing bar along the raked edge of the box gutter. This ensures the glazing material is securely retained and does not solely rely on the adhesive tape of glazing support. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with heightened structural integrity.

Find Your Nearest Conservatory Roof Installer

We pride ourselves on refining our conservatory roof systems from your feedback, which means that they will prove to be the perfect investment for any property. To offer the most technologically advanced roofing systems on the modern market, we invest heavily in research and development to capture the latest innovations.

Finding your nearest Approved Ultra Installer will enable you to enjoy an installation service that revolves around professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness. All of our Ultraframe specialists are vetted and tested before we approve them, ensuring they uphold our usual exceptional standards.

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