How well insulated is a Livinroof?

One of the main considerations for people investing in or updating a conservatory or extension is how well it will retain heat. A poorly insulated conservatory roof can really take the life out of a house - making it harder to heat the whole property, and meaning you're left with a room that you can't use throughout the year.

Until recently people tended to rely on polycarbonate as the material of choice for easy to install extension roofing, despite the fact that it is well known for having a lower thermal performance. Today you can get the best out of your investment with a Livinroof. Here are the main insulation benefits when you select this great modern roofing solution, along with a few useful facts and figures.

Getting the right 'U' value

LIVINROOF CROSS SECTIONHeating bills are at a high rate right now, and anything that helps to cut down on energy expenditure is certainly welcome. With double glazing these days there's an enforced standard, meaning insulation levels have to be good on all products. But with conservatory glazing there isn't an enforced standard as yet. That means you have to do a little research to make sure you get the best product for your development.

The U value is a measure of how well a material serves to minimise heat loss, with a lower number indicating a better performing product. Typical polycarbonate conservatories range from 2.4w m/2k to 1.5w m/2k in U value, depending on the thickness of the material. A value of 1.0w m/2k is seen as desirable for keeping the room cool in summer and warm in winter. But Livinroof has a U value of just 0.18w m/2k, making it an incredibly efficient choice when it comes to minimising the energy requirements of your home.

Clear benefits

A Livinroof makes use of layers of material to achieve this brilliant performance, with Kingspan board insulation on the interior and glazing panels on the exterior. All in all, you'll find that this system makes your room comfortable to use every day of the year, keeping you cosy in the wintertime and cool all summer. So what more could you need?