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How Well Insulated is a Livinroof?

23rd January 2015

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Looking for a High-Performing Conservatory Roof? Explore Livinroof

One of the main considerations for people investing in or updating a conservatory or extension is how well it will retain heat. A poorly insulated conservatory roof can really take the life out of a house - making it harder to heat the whole property, and meaning you're left with a room that you can't use throughout the year.

Until recently, people tended to rely on polycarbonate as their material of choice when looking for a conservatory roof, despite it offering lower thermal performance. Today you can get the best out of your investment with a Livinroof. Here we explore some of the benefits that come with this conservatory roof system as standard.

Livinroof: A Conservatory Roof That Excels in All Areas

A Conservatory Roof That Provides the Right 'U' value

With heating bills growing exponentially, it’s important to choose a conservatory roof that will help reduce your overheads. Although double glazing has to meet a strictly enforced standard, more latitude is allowed.

This is good in some ways, in that it gives you a great deal of freedom when looking for a replacement conservatory roof. But it also means you’ll need to complete some extensive research when looking for cost-effective product.

A U value measures of how well a material minimises heat loss, with a lower number indicating better performance. Polycarbonate conservatories range from 2.4w m/2k to 1.5w m/2k, depending on the thickness of the material. 

A value of 1.0w m/2k is seen as desirable for keeping a room cool in summer and warm in winter. But Livinroof has a U value of just 0.18w m/2k, making it an efficient choice when it comes to choosing a brand-new conservatory roof.

Livinroof using Kingspan board insulation on the interior and glazing panels on the exterior to achieve superb levels of energy efficiency. This conservatory roof system will make your room comfortable to use throughout the year, 24/7.

A Flexible Conservatory Roof System That Gives You Control

Instead of choosing between a solid or glazed conservatory roof, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds. Livinroof can be customised to include tactically-placed glass panels that will direct light toward specific areas within your room. Any shape is possible too, which means your new conservatory roof will look exactly the way you wanted it.

The internal design of your Livinroof will reward you with a space that looks and behaves in line with your requirements too. Your new conservatory roof will include a pelmet that allows for the inclusion of spotlights that’ll make your room feel cosy and comfortable. So much so, you could even use it as a lounge, dining area, study or even a children’s play area.

Depending on what you want to achieve, the inside of your conservatory roof can be modified to create the desired effect. Two types of ceilings can be created with this system – vaulted or suspended. The former of these is ideal if you want to create a sense of space. The latter will work well if you need to continue the ceiling level from an adjoining room.

A Stylish Conservatory Roof That Looks Good from Every Angle

The outside of your conservatory roof will look stunning when you choose to incorporate Ultraframe’s Classic Cornice into its design. The purpose of this feature is to hide anything that might be visually distracting. By hiding your guttering from view, the Livinroof will add a touch of contemporary style to your conservatory.

The Livinroof is finished in a timeless and neutral urban grey colour that’s suitable for all types of home – regardless of their age or size. Your new conservatory roof will blend in with the existing architectural style of your property and work in tandem with other features – like the cornicing – to create a truly modern effect.

No Hassle, No Fuss – a Conservatory Roof That’s Easy to Install

The Livinroof is pre-fabricated at our dedicated factory site. This means it will be delivered in a format that’ll minimise disruption. No cutting will be required during the installation process, so you won’t have to worry about noise or mess. It’s quite feasible to install a Livinroof conservatory roof within as little as six hours.

Find a Local Ultra Installer Today

Your nearest Ultra Installer will be able to answer any questions you have about the Livinroof system. Use our quick and simple search tool to find your nearest trusted Ultrainstaller and contact them directly.

When enquiring about Ultra Installers, you can submit a form to our team. We can call you to discuss our range of high-performing conservatories, orangeries and replacement roofs and arrange to visit you.

Start your home improvement journey now by contacting Ultraframe – or one of its approved Ultra Installers – for technical guidance about the Livinroof system or to obtain a free no-obligation quote

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