How much does a conservatory or orangery cost?

How much does a conservatory or orangery cost?


The average price of a conservatory or orangery can vary substantially, depending on what design to you decide to take on, the size of your property, materials used and your location. To get the best pricing advice on what you require we recommend you contact a Which? Trusted Trader registered UltraInstaller, but here we can give you a steer on the factors that can affect your budget.



Possibly the biggest factor when discussing the cost of conservatories and orangeries - it stands to reason that the bigger your conservatory the more materials required, the more it will cost. Obviously the size of your property, the location of the build  and the additional space you need should help you decide the size of the area available to build upon.



Conservatory or orangery, contemporary or traditional there are a number of designs to choose from and there are different prices associated with each one. Use the Ultraframe product selector to discover which designs suit you and your home best.



From the frames to the sides to the roof, again the options are varied in style and costs.

  • Starting with frames, the majority or people choose either PVC or Aluminum, with a small number choosing Wood.  Depending on whether you prefer a contemporary or classic design will dictate which material you prefer to use, but there are significant cost differences between each.  You may also want to consider the longer term cost of maintenance. PVC and Aluminum will require less maintenance, but timber will require re-painting over time.


  • Next walls; full glazed, dwarf or full height walls, once again location of the construction on your property may dictate some of your choices, but also your design preference plays a significant part in the cost of your project. Full height glazing for example is becoming more popular as they complement contemporary bi-fold or sliding doors.


  • Onto the roof; Whether you choose  a glass roof or a solid roof or a mixture of both, the  quality and type of material used can drastically affect costs of your conservatory or orangery. Again this will depend on you and your requirements for the room and you will need to take into account the thermal performance of the roofing materials and the location of any roof lights  to create a warm bright room.



Once you have a thought of what you require for the basic structure of the Orangery or Conservatory, there are then a list of options that you could add on to ensure the design is exactly what you wish for.

Internal lighting systems

Internal Pelmets


External Cornice (to hide guttering)

Decorative, insulating columns

As you can see there are so many factors which go into the production of your Orangery or Conservatory that can impact on the cost of your project. Searching out prices over the phone or online can give you a very uninformed answer.

The best way to cost out the  the specification you really want is to get a number of installers to visit your home and discuss your exact requirements; we would recommend 3 to give you a comparison of prices costs and timings.