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How Much Does a Conservatory or Orangery Cost?

15th May 2017

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How Much Does a Conservatory Cost?

When you're considering having a conservatory built, you need to carefully weigh up the practicalities of such a project by considering:

  • Price - What will it cost? How will you pay for it? What additional costs might be involved, such as building/cosmetic work to the adjoining conservatory site?
  • Practicalities - How much planning is required by you? Will you have to temporarily rearrange the way you live or alter the layout of your home? Will you require planning permission?
  • How long it will take? - When do you want it completed by? How will the weather and time of year affect building timescales?

By choosing a member of the 'Ultra Installer Scheme' all these questions will be answered for you in one-to-one discussions and in the full proposal, you will receive from any prospective installation company. This will include costings, drawings and timescales to ensure you know exactly what's involved.

Below you will find guide prices for some of the most popular styles of the conservatory that can be created using Ultraframe conservatory roofing systems:

  • Georgian Style - 4000mm x 4000mm £10,500 - £20,000
  • Lean-to Style   - 3000mm x 3000mm £8,500 - £15,000

It is universally recognised that price usually represents quality, with higher-end products producing a larger price tag. We offer you an alternative, allowing you to gain access to market-leading conservatory and orangery designs in an affordable way. You’ll be able to bring the best to your home in a way that is set to suit you.

The average price of a conservatory or orangery can vary substantially, depending on what design to you decide to take on, the size of your property, materials used and your location. To get the best pricing advice on what you require we recommend you contact a Which? Trusted Trader registered Ultra Installer, but here we can give you a steer on the factors that can affect your budget.

Please note that these prices are for guidance only and have been arrived at assuming the following general specification and circumstances:

  • Ideal ground, which is level and easy to dig
  • No drainage/soil stacks to move
  • Gutters on conservatory link to the existing house system
  • 450mm deep foundations on the concrete strip/insulated base
  • 600mm fair-faced masonry to external/internal walls
  • White PVC frames (reinforced if necessary) to include 4 top light openers and one pair of doors with white handles
  • Windows and doors to feature multi-point locking
  • Glazing to side walls to be toughened 24mm or 28mm sealed units in clear glass White pre-finished internal window boards
  • Ultraframe conservatory roof with polycarbonate glazing
  • Float finish to floor slab, ready to accept carpet or tiles
  • 2 double power sockets included
  • A full quotation will be available from your prospective installer following discussions about your particular requirements.

    Individual circumstances, including the time of year and where you live in the country, will change these guide prices.

    What Are Conservatory and Orangery Prices Based On?


    Possibly the biggest factor when discussing the cost of conservatories and orangeries - it stands to reason that the bigger your conservatory, the more materials required, the more it will cost. Obviously, the size of your property, the location of the build and the additional space you need should help you decide the size of the area available to build upon.


    Conservatory or orangery, contemporary or traditional there are a number of designs to choose from and there are different prices associated with each one. Your nearest Approved Ultra Installer will be able to advise you on the best option for your home, allowing you to optimise the space that you have in the best way.


    From the frames to the sides to the roof, again the options are varied in style and costs. Starting with frames, the majority or people choose either uPVC or Aluminum, with a small number choosing Wood. Depending on whether you prefer a contemporary or classic design will dictate which material you prefer to use, but there are significant cost differences between each.  


    You can choose from a full glazed, dwarf or full height walls. once again the location of the construction on your property may dictate some of your choices, but also your design preference plays a significant part in the cost of your project. Full height glazing, for example, is becoming more popular as they complement contemporary bi-fold or sliding doors, allowing for a modern finish.


    Whether you choose a glass roof or a solid roof or a mixture of both, the quality and type of material used can drastically affect the costs of your conservatory or orangery. Again this will depend on you and your requirements for the room and you will need to take into account the thermal performance of the roofing materials and the location of any roof lights to create a warm bright room.


    Once you have a thought of what you require for the basic structure of the orangery or conservatory, there are then a list of options that you could add on to ensure the design is exactly what you wish for. This means you’ll be able to bring a new addition to your home that stands as an accurate extension of your character.

    This list includes:

    • Internal Lighting Systems
    • Internal Pelmets
    • Ventilation
    • External Cornice (to hide guttering)
    • Decorative, insulating columns

    Conservatory and Orangery Prices

    As you can see there are so many factors which go into the production of your orangery or conservatory that can impact on the cost of your project. Searching out prices over the phone or online can give you a very uninformed answer. This is why you need to focus on getting a specific quote that has been based on your exact project.

    The best way to cost out the specification you really want is to get a number of installers to visit your home and discuss your exact requirements; we would recommend 3 to give you a comparison of prices costs and timings. This way, you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits you and get the ball rolling on your new home improvement solution.

    Offering you more for your money, all of our conservatory and orangery designs stand at the forefront of performance and appearance. This allows you to bring a new addition to your home that remains comfortable and usable throughout the year, proving to be a worthwhile investment of your money that continues to deliver time and time again.

    Find Your Nearest Approved Ultra Installer

    We pride ourselves on heavily investing in the research and development of our product range, ensuring they always lead the way in quality, appearance and performance. You won’t have to settle for anything less when it comes to Ultraframe, bringing a new addition to your home that will prove to be complimentary throughout.

    Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to benefit from the very highest standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness. We vet and assess all of our specialists before they are approved to ensure they are competent in the handling of our products. You are guaranteed the perfect fit, every time.


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