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How Do You Choose the Right Roof for Your Home?

14th February 2018

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Replacement Roofs Without Limits

A replacement roof will be high on your agenda if your existing conservatory is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Which replacement roof is best? This will depend on your design requirements. You will also want to think about light penetration and thermal performance when making your choice. Fortunately, our replacement roofs deliver on every level.

Ultraframe roofs maximise light penetration - whether you opt for glass or solid roof – and will convert your once redundant room into a fully usable space that can function as a study, dining area, living room, or something entirely different.

Glass Replacement Roofs

Light connects spaces and creates a sense of scale, even if the room in question is small. It’s not surprising, therefore, that homeowners are looking for ways to optimise light entry to make their rooms more comfortable and their properties more valuable.

Glass technology has advanced rapidly over recent years, and if your conservatory is over 10 years old, replacing your old glass or polycarbonate roof will have a huge impact on the temperature stability and warmth of your conservatory. Our Replacement Glass Roof allows light to enter from every angle. Because it uses performance glazing throughout its design – which limits UV penetration in summer and retains heat in winter – it is thermally efficient and can generate a U-value as low as 1.0.

An added advantage is that our glass is self-cleaning. Grime and other messy deposits won’t adhere to the surface of your glass roof and will, instead, burn off and wash away when it rains. Light from above won’t be obscured due to grime adhering to the surface.

Conservatory Roof Installation

Extra insulation and design elements

With the addition of a thermally insulated pelmet around the perimeter of the ceiling and a central lighting panel the thermal performance of the conservatory roof can be increased even further reducing heating bills and adding an element of cosiness. The pelmet and central lighting panel can be used to add lighting, great if you struggle to light the room or light a dining table at night.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

A roof that is solid but unglazed will make your room feel dark and claustrophobic, this can be extremely disappointing if you’re used to lots of natural light and it can also mean that the rest of the house becomes darker than before. Both Livinroof and Ultraroof are designed with natural light in mind, with integrated glazing design options.

The aluminium roof panels in the Livinroof can be substituted by glazed ones formed into any shape. This is important because it allows homeowners to maximise light penetration and control where it falls to create the best impact. Livinroof can be built in literally any shape, any size anywhere... ideal if your old conservatory roof is a low pitch or has a complex structure.

As an alternative, you may want to look at our Ultraroof. This is also a hybrid roof that synthesises solid and glazed systems but also allows for the insertion of Velux windows, which means you will have plenty of control over the design. Ultraroof is by far the lightest and strongest tiled roof on the market for peace of mind when replacing a roof on old frames. Unlike other tiled roof systems, Ultraroof has a beautiful vaulted ceiling and .... no tie bar ever.

Both Livinroof and Ultraroof are the most thermally efficient solid roofs on the market with a Uvalue of 0.16. Both systems are also fully fire tested and compliant with building regulations.

Thermal Efficiency

Whether you choose a glass or hybrid roof system, you won’t need to worry about thermal performance. Our roofs perfectly balance our customers’ joint need for light and comfort, resulting in environments that deliver on every level. Your high-performing conservatory roof will, as a result, improve the market- value and appeal of your home.


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