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House Extension Ideas

4th June 2018

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House Extension Ideas That Will Inspire You

Creating your dream house extension is easy when you choose Ultraframe. Whether you want a traditional looking living room or a modern kitchen diner, we’ll be able to introduce you to the right product.

When discussing home extension ideas with your Ultra Installer, you might not be aware of the range of choices available. You can enjoy all the benefits of an extension when choosing an orangery or conservatory.

Your new house extension could look like the one pictured below. This design uses our ever-popular Ultraroof to stream light into the room below it and excludes connecting doors to improve threshold access.

Ultraroof House Extension

House Extension Designs: Your Choices

Find the inspiration you need for your new room by exploring the below range of options.

A Modern Conservatory That’s Almost an Extension

Style and Comfort

Our Performance Conservatory communicates authority and a modern look, thanks to the super-insulated columns included as part of its design. Your columns won’t just look good; available in a fluted or flat design; they’ll deliver thermal efficiency levels five times higher than a brick pier of the same size.

Internally, an insulated pelmet that’s filled with wool insulation will further improve comfort and turn your room into a space like any other in your home. Speakers and lighting can be fitted if you want to turn your conservatory into a living room or dining area.

Wider Openings

One of the house extension ideas you explore might revolve around bi-fold doors. Choose our Quantal aluminium conservatory roof if you want a wider access point; the Quantal system can include a structural goal post that will remain hidden but allow wide-spanning bi-fold doors to be introduced – creating better access and adding a touch of modern style.

The impact of adding super-insulated columns to our Performance Conservatory is clear in the below image. Access into and out of the house room is made seamless too, thanks to the inclusion of bi-fold doors.

Modern Conservatory Designs

House Extension Ideas

The Performance Conservatory can be built using the Quantal or Classic roof to comply with almost any style or shape.

Create a lounge-diner extension:

  • Use bi-fold doors and link to your garden, so that guests can enjoy views of the outside and enjoy improved access
  • Add a central lighting panel, so that lighting and speakers could be installed – perfect if you’re relaxing alone or with guests during the evening
  • Use a P-shape design to create a narrow dining area that linked to a lounge area, instantly creating two distinct spaces

A Traditional Orangery Driven by Modern Technology

A Warm and Inviting Space

Create a large or small room when you choose our Traditional Orangery. Because this system uses the Quantal aluminium roof, you’ll be able to opt for a larger design that uses the structural goal post to create a wider insulated pelmet instead. A broader choice of house extension ideas is possible with this traditional orangery.

Fill Your Room With Light

Whether you choose the Quantal system or our ever-popular Classic, you’ll benefit from a conservatory roof that’s extensively glazed. Open your room to the garden with French doors to create wonderful panoramas of the outdoors, while letting in even more light – resulting in a room that’s bright and feels spacious.

In the picture below, our Traditional Orangery is brought to life using our Classic roof, which uses glass to deliver a light-filled room that will also be well-lit at night - thanks to the spotlights installed in the insulated pelmet.

Traditional Orangery Designs

House Extension Ideas

Create a small orangery with courtyard

  • opt for a Georgian style orangery that, due to its square shape, would enable you to make the most of your space
  • create a paved area outside your orangery that could be enclosed by a brick wall that copied the style of your room
  • use herbage to increase privation and add patio furniture to create an outside area for relaxing or entertaining

An Extension That Provides Warmth and Comfort

If your house extension ideas are more classically focused, meaning you want to remove the need for internal doors, we have the perfect solution.

Control Where the Light Falls

Choose our Livinroof Extension if you love light and want to create a stunning focal point in your new room. You can design the glazing to form any shape – and, even better than that, ask you approved Ultra Installer to place it wherever you like. Turn a dining room table or breakfast bar into a stunning focal point with this extension.

Stunning Contemporary Designs

Add super-insulated columns to create a room that looks stunning from the outside. Choose flat columns if a modern look is desired. Complete the contemporary appearance of your room – and bring your house extension ideas to life – by requesting bi-fold doors that will tie in with the grey panelling in your conservatory roofs.

A range of possibilities will be within your reach. In the image below, shaped glazing is used to focus light and super-insulated columns contribute to that all important 'real room' feel.

Create a stunning kitchen diner extension

Opt for an open-plan design that lends itself to relaxation and entertaining.

You could use:

    • kitchen counters to create a dividing line between your extension and home, but without compromising on access
    • white or reflective tiling throughout, so that your spaces blend and harness light to create a sense of space
    • bi-fold doors to ensure seamless access between your spaces and further maximise light penetration
    • create a paved patio area outside your extension and use lighting to illuminate this area, so it’s visible at night time

Case Study: Design in Practice

The flexibility and design appeal of our Classic roof became apparent when used by Clearview Home Improvements for a project. The completed design featured our Classic roof, and used thermally efficient glass to deliver a warm and comfortable environment.

As well as illuminating the customers' brand new conservatory - meaning that it felt a lot more spacious -  the glazing blocked out almost all solar rays but kept the heat in during colder periods. The result was a year-round space perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

The full effect of the glass conservatory roof used as part of this project can be seen by viewing the image below. You won't be surprised to hear that our customer was delighted with their purchase, which continues to deliver added value to their home.

Glass Conservatory Roof Prices

The Classic roof is:

  • calculated to each customer's postcode
  • weather tested up to 130mph
  • easy to install on site
  • fully customisable

Read the full case study to find out more and save the images that you like to your Scrapbook. You can then refer to your private gallery when talking to one of our approved Ultra Installers.

House Extensions: FAQs

How big can a home extension be?

A house extension can occupy no more than 50% of the land surrounding your home as it was originally built. Consider outbuildings like sheds and greenhouses when performing your calculations.

Will my house extension meet planning requirements?

When considering different house extension ideas, rest assured that your room will be classed as a permissible development – as long as it meets planning permission regulations.

Will my house extension meet building regulations?

If your house extension ideas exclude connecting doors, it will be subject to building regulations. Other aspects of your proposed room – like windows, drainage and electrics – will also be subject to scrutiny.

Need House Extension Ideas? Contact an Approved Ultra Installer

Use our search tool to find an approved Ultra Installer in your area and get some fresh house extension ideas. They will be able to help you with all aspects of your design and provide a house extension quote.

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