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House Extension Ideas

23rd November 2018

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Inspiring House Extension Ideas

Creating your dream house extension is easy with Ultraframe. Whether you want a traditional looking living room or a modern kitchen diner, we will introduce you to the right product with our house extension ideas.

We offer a wide array of renovation options whether you’re limited on space or have room to spare. We offer conservatories, orangeries or traditional home extensions here at Ultraframe. Each one is as impressive as the last. So if you’re short on extension ideas, you’re bound to find something you love here.

1. Add High-QualityLounge-Diner with Amazing Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are one of the most secure and stunning renovation choices available today. If you have the option to include one with your Ultraframe extensions, you have to take it.

The bi-folding doors would allow a near unrestricted amount of natural light to enter your lounge-diner extension, making it the perfect space to relax. In addition, they are an easy to operate product with an eye-catching configuration to revamp any home.

Ultraroof House Extension ideas

2. Install a central lighting panel to your conservatory

By adding a central lighting panel, you can improve the practicality of your conservatory. With these panels, you can add light features and speakers from other bits of tech, making it the perfect social space.

By making these additions, you can get the most from your investment at Ultraframe. This is because your conservatory can become more of a multi-use space.

3. Use a P-shape design

When you liaise with our approved Ultraframe installers, you’ll be able to configure just about everything with your conservatory. One great idea is to build the extension in a ‘p-shaped’ format.

Doing this would allow you to have a distinct lounge and dining area, making it a multi-use room whether you’re with family or friends. If you live in a smaller house, this style of Ultraframe conservatory could revamp your home.

Modern Conservatory Designs house extension ideas

4. Install a Squared Shaped Orangery for Maximum Space

By opting for a Georgian style orangery, you’ll have an extension installed in a perfectly square shape. This, in turn, allows you to maximise your space.

Whether you’re looking to make your orangery into a lounge, a dining area or even a kitchen, the Georgian option allows you to make the most of even the smallest of available spaces.

5. Install a Paved Area

When having an Ultraframe orangery installed in your home, one possible idea would be to install an enclosed paved area outside of the extension.

By doing this, you will install a social area for your family and friends that can be enjoyed in both the summer and winter months. The design can be made to copy the orangery itself, offering a stylish finish.

6. Use Plants to Increase Privacy

While our orangeries provide better privacy than a traditional conservatory, you can also keep things personal through the introduction of herbage and plants.

This can ensure that even in the modern urban of ideas you can keep your private life from the outside. All this while adding a stylish finish to your Ultraframe extension. 

Traditional Orangery Designs house extension ideas

7. Use Kitchen Counters to Divide Space

When building a kitchen-diner area with your Ultraframe extension, use your new kitchen counters as natural dividers between your renovations and your home.

Not only will this allow your extension to smoothly fit next to your home, but it will also maximise your available space and won’t compromise on access either.

8. Use White or Reflective Tiling in your Extension

If you’re only installing a smaller extension from us at Ultraframe, one great idea would be to install white or reflective tiling. This will firstly allow the space in your extension to blend well.

As a result, by harnessing light, it will give you a sense of space even if your extension is on the smaller side. This can help create the perfect cooking area or a space perfect for socialising throughout the day.


9. Install a Stunning Veranda

One idea to make your house extension usable 12 months a year would be installing a stunning Veranda. These allow you to enjoy the areas outside your extension whatever the weather.

These can also make your kitchen-diner home extension feel more open which would give the illusion of more space as well. As a result, a veranda is a brilliant house extension idea.

10. Install an Ultrasky Lantern Roof to your Extension

With a more traditional home extension, you may be concerned about losing the natural light you get with a conservatory. One idea as a solution would be to install an Ultrasky lantern roof.

These additions allow plenty of natural light to enter any house extension. All this while also looking stylish and sleek from the outside.

house extension ideas costs

Case Study: Design in Practice

When one homeowner was looking for a way to reinvent the look of his home, he took inspiration from our range of effective house extension ideas. Read more about the case study below and the products used in his home improvement project.

The flexibility and design appeal of our Classic Roof became apparent when used by Clearview Home Improvements for a project. The completed design featured our Classic Roof and used thermally efficient glass to deliver a warm and comfortable environment.

As well as illuminating the customers' brand new conservatory - meaning that it felt a lot more spacious -  the glazing blocked out almost all solar rays but kept the heat in during colder periods. The result was a year-round space perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

The full effect of the glass conservatory roof used as part of this project can be seen by viewing the image below. You won't be surprised to hear that our customer was delighted with their purchase, which continues to deliver added value to their home.

Glass Conservatory Roof Prices house extension ideas

Benefits of the Classic Roof:

Weather tested up to 130mph

  • This ensures the Classic Roof is stable and secure even in the most extreme weather conditions. As a result, you’re left with a product which can withstand the elements and is made to last.

Easy to install on site

  •         Home renovations can be stressful, but with Ultraframe’s Classic Roof with Conservaglass, that isn’t the case. The product’s installation process is simple and straightforward, leaving you worry-free.

Fully customisable

  • Our Classic Roofs with Conservaglass can be tailored to suit every taste. Thanks to an array of different colour and configuration possibilities, we promise you’ll find something you love.

You can then refer to your private gallery when talking to one of our approved Ultra Installers about our house extension ideas.

House Extensions: FAQs

How big can a home extension be?

A house extension can occupy no more than 50% of the land surrounding your home as it was originally built. Consider outbuildings like sheds and greenhouses when performing your calculations.

Will my house extension meet planning requirements?

When considering different house extension ideas, rest assured that your room will be classed as a permissible development – as long as it meets planning permission regulations.

Will my house extension meet building regulations?

If your house extension ideas exclude connecting doors, it will be subject to building regulations. Other aspects of your proposed room – like windows, drainage and electrics – will also be subject to scrutiny.

Need House Extension Ideas?

Use our search tool to find an approved Ultra Installer in your area and get some fresh house extension ideas. They will be able to help you with all aspects of your design and provide a house extension quote.

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