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Home Extensions: Your Questions Answered

23rd March 2018

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Are You Exploring Home Extensions?

In this short article, some of our approved installers share their top tips. If you’re looking for the best home extensions designs, this short Q & A session will make essential reading.

How Can I Find a Trustworthy Home Extensions Installer?

You can find a reliable extensions installer through word of mouth or by looking on ‘referral websites.’ But not all these services are as rigorous in their checking as you would imagine. Certainly, when it comes to extending your home (a job which doesn’t come cheap), it’s worth really carrying out your research.

We’re proud to work for Ultraframe because its scheme has been audited and approved by Which? Trusted Traders. Being a part of this network means that homeowners who like Ultraframe’s home extensions range can find an approved company like ours and talk to us with confidence.

Livinroof Home Extension

What Should I Look for When Buying a Home Extension?

When buying a home extension, make light a top priority. Home extensions affect light dynamics, so it’s important to think about bringing in lots of natural sunshine. We often think about natural light coming through windows and doors, but light through a roof will give you significantly more.

Home extensions also need to be future proof. Make sure your installer explains to you how your roof is constructed and how its various components add to its overall thermal performance. All Ultraframe roofs, for example, are built using weather and climate data, so we know they can withstand the weather in a customer’s unique postcode.

Finally, when browsing ideas for home extensions, don’t be put off by trying to achieve the ultimate grand design. Lots of glass and plenty of natural daylight is very on trend and can easily be achieved using the latest roof innovations and components from Ultraframe.

What are the Latest Home Extensions Trends?

The latest home extensions trends emphasise light and space. We all appreciate the value of natural daylight, and there are so many ways of bringing that into your home extension. Using an Ultrasky lantern, for example, can accent a certain area of your new space, such as an island unit or dining area. Or, you could take the same elegant design principle and install a full Ultrasky roof, flooding your home with lots of natural daylight but giving you virtually uninterrupted views of the sky.

What Should You Avoid when Researching Home Extensions?

When researching home extensions, stick to the original design you’d envisioned and refuse to take any shortcuts. In general terms, think about how you intend to use the space and how that impacts the rest of your home. You might find that an elegant orangery on the back of your property is sufficient – so ask your approved Ultra Installer to help you find a cost-effective way to make your dream a reality.

What are the Must-Haves for Home Extensions?

The must-haves for home extensions centre around thermal performance, light and glass. Your home extension must perform all-year round, so make a wise choice about the style of extension you need.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal performance is the absolute must-have. If your home extensions installer can’t talk knowledgeably about the warmth of your extension and how this is delivered, then walk away.

Light Transmission

We’ve talked about light - it’s crucial, but don’t be fooled that windows are the best source. It’s the roof that provides most of the illumination. Solid roofs with glazed panels are fantastic. They allow you to put the glazing where you want it. Unlike a lot of roofs with fixed glazing, the Livinroof and Ultraroof give you the best of all worlds, allowing you to put the glass where you want it, whether that’s to give you privacy or indeed to make the most of the sun’s path.

Glazed Extension Quote

How Can I Find Out More About Ultraframe’s Home Extensions?

You can find out more about Ultraframe’s home extensions by visiting our dedicated product page. You can use our brand-new VR tool to ‘step inside’ your dream conservatory and take a look around and find out more.

By clicking on the various hot-spots within the VR image, you can find out about the enhancements and features of each design. You can then use this information to ask your Ultra Installer specific questions.

Save Your Favourite Images to Your Scrapbook

While exploring our brand new website, you’re bound to come across images of home extensions that will catch your attention. By creating a Scrapbook – which takes less than a couple of minutes – you’ll be able to save pictures of your favourite designs for later reference.

Just think, you’ll be able to access home extensions ideas from home or when you’re on the move. You could even log-in and refer to your photo library when talking on the phone to your approved Ultra Installer.

Contact Your Nearest Home Extensions Installer

Find an approved home extension installer in your area by using our free search tool. The Ultraframe Approved Installer scheme has been audited and approved by Which? Trusted Trader for your peace of mind.

When contacting your approved installer, you’ll be able to seek advice about all our products – including conservatories and orangeries.

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