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How a Glass Replacement Roof Will Benefit You

23rd May 2016

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The Many Benefits of a Glass Replacement Conservatory Roof

A newly installed glass conservatory roof will convert your existing room into a space that can be used throughout the year. If your existing conservatory roof is no longer performing – because it was installed a long time ago or was poorly fitted – it’s probably been relegated to little more than a glorified storage area.

Why is a new glass conservatory roof such a good idea? Rather than knocking down your existing conservatory and starting afresh – which will be time-consuming and expensive – you’ll be able to retain the existing framework of your structure instead. A replacement glass conservatory roof is, therefore, a cheaper option.

As well as helping you save money, a replacement glass conservatory roof will open your existing space by introducing natural light into your brand-new room. Our roofing systems are built using Conservaglass – an industry-leading glazing system that blocks out between 60-80% of solar rays – to make your conservatory energy efficient.

Increase Natural Light

Add light to dull rooms

Introduce light into your home with a conservatory

An Ultraframe conservatory is like a room without a roof, allowing you to enjoy everyday living in a new light.

Of course, a conservatory is a bright, airy environment, but did you realise that the adjoining room in your home will also benefit from extra light? This effect can be maximised by choosing a conservatory featuring a glass roof such as those shown on this page. This will allow the maximum amount of light into your home, adding to the sense of space.

Ultraframe roofs are the most technically advanced on the market and are structurally proven to carry the weight of a glass roof. Be sure to choose our Conservaglass high-performance glazing to ensure that your light-filled conservatory is truly a room for all seasons.

Plus, when the day's light is done, you can enjoy the evening in your conservatory in an intimate, easy-going atmosphere, thanks to well-placed spotlights in the ridge of your conservatory roof, complemented with atmospheric candles and table lamps.

Six Reasons to Choose a Glass Replacement Conservatory Roof

Healthy Living 

Sunshine is a great mood booster and is always preferable to the harsh, artificial light emitted from an electric bulb dangling from the ceiling. Installing a modern glass roof for your conservatory will greatly increase the amount of sunshine you can enjoy on a daily basis. 

Your brand-new conservatory roof will allow plenty of natural light to enter your home and seamlessly connect your new room to adjoining spaces, while still protecting you from the elements. You’ll also get a healthy vitamin D boost while you enjoy all that extra sunlight!

Increased Sunshine 

The increase in sunshine entering your home with a glass conservatory roof will allow you to enjoy beautiful summer days without needing to leave your house and go outside. It will also act as a crucial connecting point that joins your conservatory to your garden.

With a glass replacement conservatory roof, you’ll be able to enjoy every sunny day as natural light streams through your home. This will also save on electricity as you won’t need to put the light on when relaxing with your favourite book!

Material Benefits 

At Ultraframe, we can supply a modern replacement conservatory roof that uses high-performance glass to allow for a plentiful supply of natural light that will make your new room functional once again, while also connecting it to the rest of your home.

Our glass has three main properties: great thermal performance (as low a ‘U’ value as possible), Solar control (letting sunlight in but keeping unwanted heat out) and self-cleaning. Old polycarbonate conservatory roofs are now a thing of the past!

The Sky's the Limit!

On a beautiful summer's day, you want to able to look up and see clear blue skies and enjoy golden sunlight shining on your face. A replacement glass conservatory roof will enable you to enjoy the summer from the comfort of your own home. 

A conservatory with a glass replacement conservatory roof can offer all the benefits of being in the garden without any of the negatives. No matter how windy it gets, you’ll be able to enjoy every last ray of sunshine and throughout the entire year.

Achieve Outstanding Designs

A glass replacement conservatory roof will work beautifully when installed in conjunction with some brand new bi-fold doors. Because this design of door retracts almost fully, your new room will feel connected to the outside whatever the weather.

Our glass conservatory roofs will suit conservatories of any size. Because they let in so much light, they are a perfect choice for smaller rooms that might feel enclosed if using a standard tiled roof without the requisite amount of double glazed panels.  

Convenient and Hassle-Free Design

Because Conservaglass is self-cleaning, you won’t need to worry about using a stepladder to clean your new conservatory roof. Your new structure will, instead, maintain itself – leaving you to relax in comfort without worrying about making time for upkeep.

Are You Ready to Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer?

Our nationwide network of approved Ultra Installers is constantly growing. This means you’ll be able to tap into a UK-wide database of knowledge and expertise when you search for a fitter in your immediate area.

Use our search tool to find fitters in your area that meet our high standards. Locating a company near you won’t take long at all, and you could be discussing your new conservatory roof with someone within minutes.

When looking for an approved Ultra Installer, you’ll be invited to send Ultraframe a message requesting more information about our range of conservatories, orangeries and replacement conservatory roofs.

We would be happy to contact you directly to discuss any of our products and, in some cases, we can even come to visit you at your home if that would help you to decide which conservatory roof is most suitable.

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