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21st July 2021

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Since the UK first went into lockdown in early 2020, homeowners have been keen to improve their homes after spending so much time in them. Many of us realised that with changes to how many of us will work forever, that extra space was needed in or around our homes. Others desired extra space as a haven to escape the hustle and bustle of their home. And so, the boom in garden studios began.

While once a rarity only found in the gardens of the wealthy, garden studios have become massively popular over recent years and are becoming a much more common sight. This is partly due to the need for space and interest in home improvements that arose during the various lockdowns, but also due to garden studios being constructed from modern materials which have made them more affordable.


Like other home improvements, there is a definite trend with garden studios for a clean, modern look and following the huge trend of recent years for grey windows and doors, anthracite grey is the colour of choice for the vast majority of modern garden studios. High quality Garden Studios from Ultraframe (or Garden Rooms as they are also referred to) come finished in a stunningly modern anthracite grey finish on the roof, windows and doors, and external cladding. Available in two styles – The Studio and The Pavilion – both are the perfect choice for a modern home and garden, although, for those with more traditional properties, the roof style of The Pavilion may be more suited.

In terms of how homeowners use their garden rooms, the choices are endless! Home working looks set to stay for many of us, even if just for several days per week, but with this becoming a permanent arrangement, perching on a kitchen table is not an ideal long term option! A high quality new space within your garden makes the perfect home office for many reasons:

1. Lose the commute to work – what could be better than simply strolling across your garden to your home office.

2. Close to home – a garden office offers the peace and quiet of the garden, with the convenience of your home being only a few steps away for toilet and refreshment breaks.

3. A blank canvas - a garden room offers the perfect blank canvas to create your dream home office. Stay neutral with white walls or be bold and daring. As your garden studio is not linked to your home, it may allow you to be more daring in your interior design than you would be within your home.

Of course, there are many other uses for a garden studio. You may enjoy working out away from the confines of a gym and a garden studio provides the perfect space to blast out some motivating music and get those muscles working! You may want a garden studio for something far more relaxing altogether, with plans to use it as a second lounge or reading area. Again, a garden studio is perfect for this as within a few steps, you can be away from the noise of your home and settled within a peaceful space – but with everything you need close by. Although bars and restaurants across the UK have once again opened their doors, the trend for creating an at-home bar remains, and a garden studio offers the perfect space to turn into your very own pub, complete with views of your garden.


Whatever you choose to use your garden studio for, it is vital to ensure that you choose one that can be used all year round. Ultraframe Garden Rooms feature extremely high thermally efficient components, meaning that your new living space will be ideal for use all year round, even during the colder winter months. On each corner and on both styles, they feature Super-Insulated Columns, which are five times more thermally efficient than brick piers. All of the other main components used on Ultraframe garden studios also comply with Building Regulations in terms of energy efficiency and ventilation, so you can rest assured that your new home office, gym or relaxation hub will be the perfect year-round space.

Another key consideration when choosing a garden studio is how much (or hopefully little) maintenance it will need. Many garden rooms are clad in cedarwood and while they undoubtedly look beautiful, the wood soon fades to grey and requires a lot of continual maintenance to try to preserve its appearance. On the other hand, garden studios from Ultraframe are clad in a modern anthracite grey PVC cladding which not only creates a beautiful modern look but also means they are maintenance free and will not fade. These stunning living spaces from Ultraframe also have a lifespan of over 30 years – meaning that they will offer many years of use and good looks at the bottom of your garden.


Finally, when choosing a garden studio, think about the brightness – whatever you will use it for, natural light is key to creating a functional and beautiful new space. Garden studios from Ultraframe can be fitted with full length glazed panels in the roof to draw in heaps of natural light from above – creating a light-filled space that is sure to boost your mood. All of this may sound too good to be true but coming from Ultraframe, the home improvement experts for almost 40 years, it is true! Best of all, unlike traditional timber garden studios which were seen very much as a luxury and created by hand at great cost, modern Ultraframe Garden Rooms are far more affordable to many people. This is partly due to the materials used and also because they are so fast to fit – most can be built in just one to two days!


If you are thinking about building a garden studio, we hope that this information has been useful. Choosing an Ultraframe Garden Room will not only provide you with a beautiful new space, but it will also be a place to enjoy for many years, without the hassle of upkeep and maintenance.


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