Garden office pods: A unique home office solution

3rd June 2021

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Garden office pods have been something enjoyed by a lucky few for some years, but following the pandemic, more and more of us are looking to add these valuable home offices to the perfect spot in our garden.

Since 2020, more people have worked from home than ever before, and many have found it a challenge to find the solace they need within the home. Garden Rooms have become more in demand than ever before, as they offer a peaceful haven to retreat to for work. If you are still working from home and planning to do so in the future, you may be looking for a more permanent home office solution than perching on your dining table with a laptop. Let’s take a look at why garden office pods offer a unique home office solution.

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Top 5 reasons why a garden office pod is a unique home office solution:

1. Garden office pods are a fantastic home office solution as they office a haven of peace and quiet to work away from the hustle and bustle of the home. During the last 12 months, working from home has been difficult for many with so much going on in the home. Home schooling and multiple people working from home have meant that a quiet working environment has been far from the reach of many. Working from a hub in the garden away from the activity of the home is the ideal solution.

2. No more lengthy commutes! Is there anyone that enjoys their morning commute?! Creating a garden office pod means that arriving at work feeling like you’ve already done a full day’s work is a thing of the past! Say goodbye to traffic jams and packed trains and hello to a short stroll across the garden into your garden office pod. Not only does this reduce stress levels before you even start work, but also means no more leaving the house so early. What will you do with the extra time? Work out? Enjoy the morning papers? The choice is yours.

3. Not only does the separation from the home mean that garden office pods are peaceful, but the separation itself is also important. While there is no such thing as a commute with a garden office pod, that short walk out of the home and across your garden means that psychologically, you are still leaving the home, and this degree of separation is great for helping to get you into work mode each morning.

4. A garden office pod allows you to start from scratch and create the perfect home office environment. Unlike home offices within the home, where you inherit décor and the features of the home, a garden office pod offers a completely blank canvas. Let your imagination run wild – go for modern, traditional, cosy break out seating, candles, inspirational quotes on posters – the choice is yours! While planning your home office in the garden, it is a great idea to create a mood board of the look you want to create. Think about how you like to feel when you work as your starting point. Do you need to feel formal, inspired, happy, invigorated? Once you decide this think about colour schemes, which way your desk will face and other important details. Don’t forget to add in personal touches like you would on a desk at work – photos, mementoes of special times – they all go towards creating a harmonious working environment.

5. Imagine those points of the day where your mind needs a break from a screen…. You just need to float away somewhere for a moment or two to reinvigorate your mind ready to work productively again. With a garden office pod, you will be surrounded by views of nature – grass, trees and birds. What better way to relax your mind for a few moments than to glance up from your screen and take it all in. A garden office pod really is a unique home office solution – allowing you to create a professional working environment yet surrounded by nature and views to instil a sense of peace and calm.

As you can see, there are many huge benefits to creating a garden office pod. There are many companies offering garden rooms right now as the demand is so huge following the lockdowns and various restrictions that we have all been living under since 2020. In order to create a garden office pod that is a comfortable space to work in all year round, it’s crucial to ensure you choose a garden room that is:

Energy efficient. If you’re creating a garden office pod, it needs to be somewhere that is a comfortable temperature all year round, through sun and snow. Ultraframe Garden Rooms are the most energy efficient on the market. Ensure that you choose a Garden Room with a low U-Value to be confident it will be suitable for use in hot and cold weather. An energy efficient garden office pod will also be cheaper to run in terms of heating bills in the winter.

Bright. Part of the appeal of a garden office pod is not just the peace away from the home, but the views of the garden. Make sure you can enjoy views of the garden and the sky by choosing a Garden Room with glazing in the roof. This will ensure huge amounts of natural light which offers mood-boosting properties, as well as making a room feel larger and more pleasant to spend time in. Ultraframe Garden Rooms can be personalised with full length glazing panels in the roof, meaning they offer a fantastic amount of natural light.

Durable. We all have enough maintenance to do on our homes, so choose a garden office pod that will need minimal upkeep. The components used on Ultraframe Garden Rooms are building regulation compliant and have a 30+ year life span. They are also clad in fade free cladding so won’t fade, unlike cedar clad alternatives.

Fast. Ultraframe Garden Rooms can be watertight in less than one day. This means that your dream of a garden office pod can very quickly become a reality.

Garden office pods are a unique solution to the new ways of working from home that will continue for many of us beyond the pandemic. Choose your Garden Room carefully and it will bring you many years of enjoyment, as well as providing you with the perfect home office environment.

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