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Full Length Glazing Panels vs. Velux Extensions

20th February 2019

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Full-Length Glazing Panels vs Velux Extensions

Installing an extension with Velux windows/roof lights to your home is a great way to add light into your living space with a solid roof project. Home extensions with Velux windows are becoming increasingly popular as people are creating an open plan living spaces with a Velux rooflight in the solid tiled roof. By ensuring that there is plenty of natural light entering your Velux home extension, it is a fantastic way to add a feeling of light and space to your home.

Velux Home Extension Options and Inspiration?

Apart from adding a Velux window to your new Velux home extension, did you realise that there are other options?

Most people using Velux rooflights in their extension tend to go for a traditionally built solid tiled roof that has a Velux rooflight within it.

Did you know that there is another option to creating a Velux extension solid tiled roof with glazed panels which is much quicker? It is cheaper and more thermally efficient too! Not only this, but this other option allows for a full-height glazing panel as opposed to a Velux roof window. All of this is possible using the Ultraroof system from Ultraframe.

Full height glazing panels feature in the Ultraroof solid tiled replacement roofing system and are a fantastic option for a solid roof home extension as they look so much more dramatic than a small Velux roof window and also bring far more natural light into your home and your new extension.

Velux Extensions

What are the benefits of the Ultraroof solid tiled roof system vs a traditionally built extension?

Thanks to its full height glazing panels, Ultraroof is the brightest solid tiled roofing system on the market and will allow much more light into your extension than a Velux window.

Ultraroof is much more thermally efficient than a traditionally built solid roof to ensure that your new home extension stays warm through the coldest of the weather. It’s the most heated solid tiled roof system there is.

Because Ultraroof is the most robust tiled roofing system, it never needs a tie bar.

Ultraroof is the fasted roofing system to be installed on the market, which means that your new extension will be completed quicker than if you opt for a traditionally built solid tiled roof with a Velux roof light window. The Ultraroof is much cheaper – leaving you with more money to spend on making your new living space into the room of your dreams.

Velux roof window vs full height glazing panel

Are you planning a Velux home extension and looking for inspiration? What are the pro and cons of choosing a Velux roof window for your new solid roof glazing extension vs an Ultraroof full height glazing panel?

Firstly, you may not even have realised that full height glazing panels are an option – but they are! The Ultraroof system from Ultraframe allows you to insert full height glazing panels into your solid roof glazing. You are creating an extension that is stunning to look at, inside and out. It also brings way more light into your home than if you had chosen a Velux extension.

There is also another option – to have the Ultraroof system with all its benefits, but with a Velux roof. The perfect choice if you don’t wish to use the full height glazing panels that make Ultraroof unique.

Velux House Extension

What’s the difference between a Velux roof window for an extension and a full-height glazing panel?

The main difference is that a Velux home extension roof window is a small window that sits within your solid roof glazing with tiles all around it. Whereas a full-height glazing panel does what it says on the tin - a full-height glazing panel goes right from the top of the roof to the bottom. Full height glazing panels for solid roof extensions are way more significant than a Velux roof window and can be used in many configurations on a solid roof glazing extension.

Because a full-height glazing panel is so much bigger than a Velux roof window, the amount of light in your new extension will be much more considerable. Giving you a lighter, brighter living space to enjoy all year round.

Replacement solid roof glazing with Velux roof window

Your existing conservatory with an old glass roof or polycarbonate roof may be thermally inefficient. Meaning that it’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

The answer is a new solid roof glazing to transform your conservatory into a brand new, thermally efficient and stunning living space. It can be used all year round, whatever the weather.

If you’ve already started looking at replacement solid roof systems for your conservatory, you may have decided that you’d like to add a Velux roof window. Make sure you take a look at full height glazing panels too as they offer enhanced aesthetics – both internally and externally – and much more natural light in your new solid roof glazing extension compared to Velux extensions.

Velux Home Extension

What are the options for full height glazing panels for my Velux home extension project?

If you’d like to change your Velux extension to include full height glazing panels, then you need to choose the Ultraroof solid roof glazing system from Ultraframe. Ultraroof features full-length glazing panels to bring a vast amount of light and a feeling of space into your new Velux home extension.

Full-length panels of glass glazing run from the top of the roof to the bottom. From outside, these full height glazing panels look stunning set against the solid tiled replacement roof while from inside, there is a beautiful contrast between the glass and the plastered internal roof.

Velux roof window for Velux home extension, is this the best option?

The answer is no. If you are building a new solid roof glazing Velux extension or replacing your old conservatory roof with a replacement solid tiled roof, then full height glazing panels are a much better option than a Velux roof window because:

·         Full height glazing panels are much larger than a Velux roof window

·         Because a full-height glazing panel is so much larger than a Velux roof window, it is a better option as it allows more natural light to enter your home extension

·         Full height glazing panels look much more striking and modern than a small or even a large Velux roof window – ideal if you are creating a contemporary solid roof extension and want to include panels of glass or glazing

·         Full height glazing panels are available in the Ultraroof system from Ultraframe – the world leader in conservatory and extension roofing systems for your complete peace of mind

Where to buy full height glazing panels for a solid roof glazing Velux home extension?

Now that you have read this guide to explain the differences between a Velux rooflight and full height glazing panels for your solid roof replacement or extension, you will want to know where to buy the full height glazing panels that will really elevate your home extension project and make it stands out from the many Velux roofed home extensions that are out there.

To buy your full height glazing panels or find out more about them, visit the Ultraframe website and take a look at the Ultraroof solid roof glazing system – Ultraroof is the ideal and best solid roof glazing system for replacement tiled roofs or Velux extensions with glazed areas in the solid roof glazing.

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