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A Fitter-Friendly Conservatory Roof System

2nd July 2007

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The Ultraframe Classic Conservatory Roof Is Incredibly Versatile

The Ultraframe Classic system was the original volume conservatory roof system and is still widely acknowledged as the most configurable and technically advanced roof on the market. With unmatched flexibility, the Classic can cope with any roof design and boasts many fitter-friendly features. 

You may think that our conservatory roof product has been in the market long enough to meet all anticipated needs; but markets are constantly developing, and the Ultraframe Research & Development Team never rests on its laurels, ensuring the Classic system continues to represent product excellence.

During product development, fitter friendliness is a key consideration, and features on the conservatory roof which make life easier for installers include, to name just a few:

  • A slotted radius end, which ensures a precise installation every time, with no margin for error;
  • clip-fit claddings on the interior of the eaves and ridge;
  • All box gutters fully bespoke and prepared for installation with bolts, glazing support trim and insulation already in place;
  • Ultra Select – decorative strips that enhance the interior of any conservatory and are simple to slide into place.
  • By making things easier for our nationwide network of approved Ultra Installers, we’re also able to optimise the experience for homeowners. Each conservatory roof we supply is that much easier to install – which means the fitting process is streamlined and minimises disruption and inconvenience to our customers.

At Ultraframe, We Understand That the Smaller Details Matter

Ultraframe recognises that sometimes it’s the little things that count. In response to customer feedback, we launched a tie bar boss cover to hide the ends of the threaded bar where it meets in the centre of the conservatory roof. It consists of a front and back cover plate featuring a threaded connector and receiver. The two plates simply fit together with a quick spin, making finishing much quicker and easier.

Ultraframe has introduced bolster end caps to ensure a ‘right first-time’ installation. This feature is available for customers with lean-to conservatories and entails the addition of injection-moulded caps that fit over the box section of the profile. This makes it easier for the installer to fit the conservatory roof, provides better structural integrity, and rewards the customer with a discreet and highly effective finish.

Ultraframe Comment

Ultraframe’s Design and Development Director said: “The Classic was the original conservatory roof system and is still widely recognised as the best. With unmatched flexibility, it can cope with any roof design and the fitter friendly features further enhance its’ popularity with installation teams.”

Introducing Clicklock and Elevation Plus

In addition to the Classic conservatory roof system, Ultraframe also offers the popular Elevation/Elevation Plus and Uzone roofs, which boast patented Clicklock technology for a speedy and simple installation every time. Elevation is a low pitch roofing system, while the Elevation Plus also incorporates one-piece hipped wings designed to create a prism effect and refract more sunlight into the conservatory. Uzone is available in a choice of Victorian or Georgian styles.

Clicklock – a product which is unique to Ultraframe – will make your conservatory roof a dream to install. The glazing bars simply click into place along the ridge & eaves and includes 90% fewer fixings and 75% fewer installation steps! Clicklock makes installing a conservatory roof even easier because it involves no drilling buts or bolts and is extremely secure. This means fewer tools are needed during installation, leaving fitters’ hands-free to get the job done.

The team at Ultraframe recognise that fitter-friendliness extends beyond the products and into the support available for those installing your conservatory roof; that’s why the Elevation system has benefited from a revamped and improved installation guide since its launch. The guide highlights system enhancements, including re-addressing the wallplate and top cappings to deal with on-site applications where vertical space is limited. 

The enhancements to our Elevation lean-to conservatory roof system represent our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative products and services. We are committed to improving our products so that we can streamline the installation process for our fitters and improve the end-experience for our customers too. This investment means we have a range of products that can respond to the needs of almost any project.

About Ultraframe

Ultraframe continues to invest heavily in research and development to provide the most technologically advanced and stylish conservatory roof solutions, maximising light and space. Ultraframe is at the forefront of conservatory design, and its systems are mainly used in the home improvement sector but also in new housing and commercial applications in the UK and Europe.

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During the search process, you can fill out an enquiry form and submit it to the Ultraframe team. We can contact you with more information about our replacement conservatory roofs, conservatories or orangeries and even visit you if that would help.

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