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Do I Have an Ultraframe Roof on My Conservatory?

16th January 2018

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If your conservatory was fitted prior to July 2005, unfortunately we are unable to provide a Certificate of Authenticity. However, below we have shown some of the identifying features of an Ultraframe roof which you can compare against your own conservatory to determine whether it features a market-leading Ultraframe roof.

Crestings and Finials

Crestings and finials are the decorative features that run along the top of your conservatory roof (known as the ridge). The cresting is the spiky trim that runs along the length of the ridge, whilst the finial is the conical feature that stands at one or both ends of the cresting, depending on the style of your roof. We offer a comprehensive selection of styles, which helps homeowners to capture the perfect look for home.

The designs of the crestings and finials used on Ultraframe roofs are exclusive to our systems and so provide a good starting point to identifying your roof. Detailed below are the various designs that you will find on Ultraframe conservatory roofing systems. Please note that it is not always necessary to have crestings and finials fitted to your conservatory and so if you do not have these features on your conservatory, it does not necessarily mean that it is not an Ultraframe roof

Market-Leading Conservatory Roof Styles


The Ultraroof is a high performance, lightweight tiled conservatory roof system that utilises our unique degree of quality and components. Available with a choice of three authentic tile finishes, including ‘Carbon Grey’, ‘Harvest Brown’ and ‘Terra Brick’, this system captures an aesthetic stays true to the original appearance.

Once factor that helps you to determine whether your tiled conservatory roof is an Ultraroof, is the lack of a tie bar. Due to the exceptional components and manufacturing quality, this conservatory roof does not require a tie bar for structural support, which can often become an unsightly addition to your conservatory aesthetic.


The Livinroof conservatory roof operates as the most configurable solid roof on the current market, bringing harmony between solid conservatory roofs and glazed conservatory roof systems. This conservatory roof comprises shaped glazing and a contemporary grey panel finish to the roof exterior for modern finish.

One stand out feature of this Ultraframe conservatory roof is the internal pelmet system. Not only does this pelmet allow for the housing of a range of lighting systems and speakers, it also allows this roof design to effortlessly capture a ‘room-like’ feel. This means that your Ultraframe roof will never feel like an ‘add-on’ to your home.

Classic Conservatory Roof

Tried, tested and trusted for over 30 years, the Classic conservatory roof system is the result of extensive engineering innovation. This roof features high quality components, including a quick fit ridge with ‘speed lock’ technology, a unique weathering shield, and chambered top caps as standard. You can also choose from plain or sculptured undercladding.

Looking for these features will enable you to determine whether your conservatory roof is the Ultraframe Classic system. This system also contains intelligently concealed gaskets which enable high performance weather protection without compromising on the roof aesthetic. We also install our patented ridge end ‘hub’ for perfect alignment.


If your conservatory has a roof lantern, it could be the leading Ultrasky roof design. This roof features our unique Stormshield Protection system, which includes waterproof glazing compression trims, ridge end weather shields and secure fit radius end covers. Unlike other roof lantern designs on the current market, this conservator roof features fewer bars for heightened light allowance.

This roof lantern is available in a choice of uPVC or aluminium, and also features our patented insulated perimeter ceiling (max. 1200mm wide). You can also choose from a range of cornice options, which are applied to the exterior of the conservatory roof to hide the guttering. Our roof lanterns extend all the way to the eaves, so keep an eye our for this when you’re checking.

Certificate of Authentication

To reduce the potential for the inferior imitation of our market-leading conservatory roof systems, we have introduced the Ultraframe Certificate of Authenticity. This is a legal document that can be used to prove that the conservatory roof is indeed of Ultraframe origin. We make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Find Your Nearest Conservatory Roof Installer

One thing that makes our conservatory roofs stand out on the current market is the quality that we offer, operating as a result of our commitment to investing heavily in the research and development of our products. This ensures they surpass the expectations and demands that we have come to expect from the modern age.

Find your nearest approved Ultra Installer to ensure you get a conservatory roof installed into your home that excels in heat retention, security, appearance, durability and aesthetic. As they are vetted and assessed before we approved them, all of our Ultraframe specialists will work closely with you to ensure you get the perfect fit. 

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