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Conservatory Roof Innovation

12th January 2018

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Conservatory Roof Innovation

Over the years, a number of innovative new enhancements to Ultraframe’s popular Classic conservatory system to keep it at the forefront of performance and design. After listening to our customers, we have unveiled a number of improvements to the market-leading system to offer even greater choice and improved design.

As well as launching a first in structural design with the new Tie Bar Replacement Kit, we have also invested in other enhancements including an improved raised back box gutter, new bolster end caps and a new tie bar boss. We pride ourselves on offering a conservatory roof system that offers exceptional quality at an impressive value for money.

Our Design and Development Director said:

"Classic was the original roofing system and is still widely recognised as the best. With unmatched flexibility it can cope with any roof design. You may think that this product has been in the market long enough to meet all anticipated needs but markets are constantly developing and there is always room for improvement to meet the new requirements. In the light of this we are delighted to announce a number of enhancements to the Classic".

Classic Conservatory Roof: The UK’s Only Effective Tie Bar Alternative

Ultraframe’s Tie Bar Replacement Kit for the Classic system offers a fast fitting and comprehensive alternative to the traditional tie bar often required to support larger span conservatories. It combines radical new features including an innovative new aluminium extrusion to bolster the main ridge body, which acts as one with the existing ridge to improve its resistance to deflection.

This system also includes a ridge compression plate, enabling the wall starter bars to form an ‘A’ frame prior to the ridged body being offered up and a structural aluminium moulding that attaches the eaves beam to the host wall. This works to improve the inherent robustness of the conservatory roof and ensure it upholds an impressive lifespan over the years.

The kit significantly reduces the need for tie bars whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the conservatory even in extreme weather conditions. Designed to strengthen the roof ridge, it reduces the requirement for tie bars by more than 75%. You’ll be able to enjoy a standard of conservatory roof that is set to last.

Classic Conservatory Roof: The Tie Bar Boss

We launched a tie bar boss cover to hide the ends of the treaded bar where it meets in the centre of the conservatory roof. It consists of a front and back cover plate featuring a threaded connector and receiver. The two plates simply fit together with a quick spin, making finishing much quicker and easier. You’ll be able to enjoy your new home improvement sooner.

Even better news for installers is that on five way tie bars, when the boss is laid horizontal, as opposed to fitted vertically, the cover plate with the new receiver screws onto the end of the threaded ridge drop rod creating a sleek finish. As a homeowner, you’ll benefit from this as you’ll be able to bring a market-leading addition to your home without a stressful installation process.

Classic Conservatory Roof: Raised Back Box Gutter

Following extensive CAD, theoretical modelling and factory testing, Ultraframe have improved the engineering and weathering details on its raised back box gutter. We have used new materials, improved welding techniques and manufacturing process to create an enhanced raised back box gutter.

Key to the gutter, is the inclusion of a refined parabolic bolt slot head detail and the integration of a short run of glazing bar along the raked edge of the box gutter. This ensures the glazing material is securely retained and does not solely rely on the glazing end, which increases the overall safety and performance of the conservatory roof.

Classic Conservatory Roof: Chambered Top Cappings

Another addition to the Classic range is Ultraframe’s innovative chambered top cappings, which have proved a big hit. The uPVC chambered top cappings significantly improve the thermal performance of the roof and comfort levels throughout your home, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory no matter the weather.

Available in a choice of two designs, dome and bevel; the chambered top cappings’ multi-chambered extrusions trap air in expertly designed air pockets to enhance thermal efficiency. This design prevents heat loss through leakage points, virtually eliminates cold bridging and condensation and lowers the overall ‘U’ value.

Now Offering Even Better Value

Acting in response to tough market conditions, Ultraframe is delivering its customers greater value. After a period of customer consultation, Ultraframe has restructured the Classic pricing system, introducing new pricing matrices in a simpler format to make it easier for customers to compare prices against competitor roofs and demonstrate Ultraframe’s excellent value.

By listening to its customers and stretching the boundaries of design, Ultraframe continually strives to improve its established products. As a result the Classic conservatory roof system, which is widely recognised as the original and the best on the market, is now even better. You won’t have to settle for anything less for your home.

Find Your Nearest Conservatory Roof Installer

All of our products have been developed as a result of our investment in research and develop, staying one step ahead of modern demand to deliver a home improvement solution that simply offers more. Our conservatory roofs are the most technically advanced on the current market, which means you can enhance your home with unrivalled quality.

Find your nearest approved Ultra Installer to enjoy the peace of mind that only exceptional quality can bring. We vet and approve all of our Ultraframe specialists against a stringent and meticulous process to ensure they meet our expected market-leading standards. We specialise in professionalism, reliability and efficiency.

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