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Classic Roof From Ultraframe - Onwards and Upwards

22nd April 2010

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The Ultraframe Classic Roof Delivers All-Round Performance

Since its launch in 2010, the Ultraframe Classic roof has gone from strength-to-strength. Customers looking for a new conservatory roof love its unchanged looks and are excited by the new range of exciting features hidden under its ‘bonnet’ – which are powered by robust and industry-leading engineering.

Thermal Efficiency and Ventilation Included as Standard

How is the Classic roof different to its predecessor? The new incarnation of our ever-popular conservatory roof delivers superb thermal efficiency through the inclusion of pvc chambered wall technology that can be deployed both internally externally that expertly locks in heat where it’s needed.

Keeping your conservatory the perfect temperature all year round won’t be a problem with the Classic roof either. Enhanced ventilation is precipitated through the introduction of an eavesflow beam between the bars that allows for better crossflow ventilation that’ll keep you cool during summer.

A Conservatory Roof That’s Been Built with Style in Mind

Your conservatory roof will successfully revive the timeless aesthetics of Victorian times due to the inclusion of glazed areas within the structure that have been optimally designed to allow maximum light penetration. Stunning sightlines will also be within your reach with the Classic roof, which replaces bulky components with a fine aluminium structure and uPVc profile.

The Flexibility of Design You Need, When You Need It

Ultraframe’s Classic roof is strong and adaptable. It can be configured to conform to the demands of all types of conservatory roof, which makes it the perfect choice for any home improvement project – no matter how challenging it might be. 

Polycarbonate and glazing options can be offered in different formats. The former of these can be provided in white, deeplas, brown and other colours to ensure stylistic continuity. Glass can be supplied in sizes of 24, 25 and 35mm.

Structural Integrity for Your Complete Peace of Mind

Your new conservatory roof will be built to ensure it incorporates the correct load tolerances. You won’t have to worry about whether your frames can support the weight of your newly installed product, because these factors will already have been accounted for.

To ensure that your frames can tolerate your new conservatory roof – even when additional pressure is exerted due to snow – we use our dedicated in-house software to account for weather conditions in your area based on your postcode and ensure structural integrity.

Our Classic Roof Is Built With Your Convenience in Mind

We want to minimise inconvenience to our customers – and make our installers lives easier – by streamlining the conservatory roof fitting stage as much as possible The Classic roof is pre-fabricated before delivery to site, which means you won’t have to worry about noise or mess during the installation. The installation is fast and non-disruptive.

Add Lasting Style to Your Conservatory Roof with Blinds

Its Future’s So Bright, It Has to Have Shades

The revised Ultraframe Classic can now be used in conjunction with our very own range of blinds. Shades – as the product is so called – is a cost-effective option for customers who want to add value to their new conservatory roof by adding blinds (they can even be retrofitted if you want to add them later.

Easily Concealed, Easily Fitted – Perfectly Designed

Shades is exclusive to the Ultraframe Classic roof system. It inserts into a hidden track system that’s created by the dense cladding area and allows multiple panels to be installed into the conservatory roof and in a variety of shapes that will enable you to individualise your design. 

A rich portfolio of choices will be available when you choose Shades for your new conservatory roof. A portfolio of 22 fabrics and 13 wood weave designs will be accessible to you when customising your product and your blind panels can be supplied in a split of single piece format too.

Shades can be installed throughout your conservatory roof or in specific areas. They are easy to remove, which means you’ll be able to clean them when required and store them away during winter. Ask your approved Ultra Installer for more information when you contact them to discuss the Classic roof.

Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer Today

Discover the unique benefits of the Ultraframe Classic roof when you talk to your nearest Ultra Installer. Our nationwide network of approved companies means you’ll be able to find a company near you with the expertise to help. Use our free search tool to get started.

Would you prefer to speak to us first? When searching for an approved Ultra Installer, you’ll be able to fill out an enquiry form and submit it to the Ultraframe team. We can call you to discuss our conservatories, orangeries and replacement roofs and even come and see you.


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