Classic gets Configurable

Ultraframe is launching a low pitch version of it’s Classic. Here Mark Hanson marketing manager at Ultraframe looks at what the product does and who it’s aimed at.

The Classic system currently performs between 5-45 degrees and this was usually sufficient for most retailers. For those few occasions where a pitch lower than 5 degrees was needed, most retailers seemed happy to reach out to another brand altogether, in Ultraframe’s case the venerable Ultralite 500 or the newer Elevation. However, certain retail salespeople like to sell all their conservatories from one ‘suite’ – the ability to talk confidently in the consumer’s front room and know that what was sold could be built is reassuring and so we were faced with a demand to service these needs from within the Classic suite.

Achieving this proved to be a challenge.

Well the challenge has been met and the good news is yes, Ultraframe’s clever team of designers and engineers fulfilled the brief and now Classic can actually reach right down to 2½ degrees. In the same way that VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda share common engineering and parts, Ultraframe looked to it’s Elevation low pitch roof system for inspiration. Joining the Classic roof to execute this low pitch version is the Elevation eaves beam and firring.

The eaves beam that is being used (72mm) sits lower than the usual Classic eaves beam(110mm) and this helps to keep the headroom at the wall plate position as tight as possible, allowing installation under most fascias/soffits. The eaves beam comes complete with Eavesflow vents in every facet to ensure a fresh and comfortable atmosphere and is well sleeved – in the tradition of Ultraframe -to minimise the risk of condensation.

Perhaps one of the main features of the Classic is it’s ability to now feature firings at 2½ and 5 degrees. Ultraframe was the first company to introduce pre-engineered ‘cut to falls’ firings on it’s Ultralite 500 roof over 15 years ago. The firrings consist of a series of inter connected and locking profiles and which can be supplied in three different ‘conditions’ to suit various applications and projections. Not only do the firings ‘fill the hole’ but they come with two stage reinforcing to add further support to the whole structure. The two stages consist of an aluminium box section slid into the firring base and this is then supplemented with 2 pieces of steel reinforcing.

Please see the chart/graphic alongside for the specification and rules for using the various stages of reinforcement.

The low pitch Classic - remember down to 2½ degrees – is fully supported with its own system guide to aid specification and to give guidance and understanding of the heights of the wall plate at various pitches. In addition, the product comes with a fully comprehensive installation guide.

At the core of this low pitch roof is the usual Ultraframe options – such as chambered top caps and a choice of glazing materials. No one using the roof is in any danger of mis-selling an inappropriate design as roofs can still be specified to BS6399 , when Ultraframe or its local distributor intermediaries are provided with a postcode. Engineering the roof to the snow or more likely wind load of a particular locality is crucial for a retailer, as it protects the reputation of the local installer.

And so…the low pitch lean to becomes yet another string to the Ultraframe Classic bow.

View a copy of this article as it appeared in the March edition of Conservatory Magazine.


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