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The Classic Conservatory Roof gets Configurable

28th March 2011

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To increase flexibility and versatility, Ultraframe launched a low pitch version of the Classic conservatory roof. This enables Ultraframe specialists to cater to a wider range of tastes, budgets, preferences and property styles.  

The Classic design is the result of over 30 years of innovation and advancement, standing as a tried, tested and trusted conservatory roof design that has continued to deliver exceptional standards. We are proud to state that over 1 million of these roofs have been installed across the UK.

 Our Marketing Manager looks at what the product does and who it’s aimed at:

“The Classic system previously performed between 5-45 degrees and this was usually sufficient for most homeowners. For those few occasions where a pitch lower than 5 degrees was needed, most seemed happy to reach out to another brand altogether. However, we wanted to offer styles from a complete range and the ability to talk confidently in the homeowner’s front room and know that what was sold could be built was reassuring, so we were faced with a demand to service these needs from within the Classic suite.”

An Exceptional Conservatory Roof Design

The Classic conservatory roof can be used across our conservatory range, expertly combined with our internal pelmet, super insulated glass, performance glazing, cornice and central lighting panel. This enables them to create a living area that remains comfortable all year round.

Whatever the style or size of your home, your nearest Approved Ultra Installer will be able to tailor our Classic roof system to suit. You won’t have to miss out on any of the quality on offer, because we’ll have you completely covered.

Our Marketing Manager continued:

“Well the challenge was met and the good news is yes, Ultraframe’s clever team of designers and engineers fulfilled the brief and now Classic can actually reach right down to 2½ degrees. In the same way that VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda share common engineering and parts, Ultraframe looked to its Elevation low pitch roof system for inspiration. Joining the Classic roof to execute this low pitch version is the Elevation eaves beam and firring.”

Manufacturing Intelligence

To ensure this standard was achieved, we used an eaves beam (72mm) that sits lower than the usual Classic eaves beam(110mm) and this helps to keep the headroom at the wall plate position as tight as possible, allowing installation under most fascias/soffits for increased versatility.

The eaves beam comes complete with Eavesflow vents in every facet to ensure a fresh and comfortable atmosphere and is well sleeved – in the tradition of Ultraframe -to minimise the risk of condensation. We always look for way to ensure we are offering you the very best for your home.

Our Marketing Manager continued:

“Perhaps one of the main features of the Classic is its ability to now feature firings at 2½ and 5 degrees. Ultraframe was the first company to introduce pre-engineered ‘cut to falls’ firings on its Ultralite 500. The firrings consist of a series of inter connected and locking profiles and which can be supplied in three different ‘conditions’ to suit various applications and projections. Not only do the firings ‘fill the hole’ but they come with two stage reinforcing to add further support to the whole structure. The two stages consist of an aluminium box section slid into the firring base and this is then supplemented with 2 pieces of steel reinforcing.”

A Versatile Conservatory Roof

At the core of this low pitch roof is the usual Ultraframe options – such as chambered top caps and a choice of glazing materials. No one using the roof is in any danger of mis-selling an inappropriate design as roofs can still be specified to BS6399, when Ultraframe or its local distributor intermediaries are provided with a postcode. You won’t have to settle for anything less.

Engineering the roof to the snow or more likely wind load of a particular locality is crucial for lasting quality and peace of mind. No matter the weather, our high performance conservatory roofs are designed to ensure you remain comfortable and safe. You can also combine this roof design with our super-insulated columns to enjoy a standard of thermal efficiency that is five times that of brick.

Find Your Nearest Approved Ultra Installer

To ensure leading standards of quality and performance, we invest heavily into the research and development of all of our conservatory roof systems. This means that they are always manufactured using unrivalled techniques, materials and attention to detail to ensure a contemporary design is always achieved.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to ensure your conservatory roof installation is achieved how it should be. We assess and test all of our specialists before we approve them to ensure they uphold the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness across every step of the way. 

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