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Brand New Pagoda Roof

23rd April 2007

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Take a Closer Look at the Ultraframe Pagoda Conservatory Roof

This style of conservatory roof is not unlike the traditional lantern style, but does not feature the vertical row of windows between the two tiers of the roof – resulting in contemporary and versatile design. The Pagoda roof can be glazed with Conservaglass, polycarbonate, the latest Conservapanels from Ultraframe – or a combination of any of these across the two tiers.

Conservapanel offers the chance to create a conservatory-style structure with an opaque roof that’s thermally efficient. When coupled with Conservaglass in the side frames and one tier of the roof – and insulation in the base and dwarf wall – the doors between the conservatory and the property can be removed to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations!

Ultraframe’s Pagoda Roof in Close-Up

Glazing That Performs In Every Possible Way

The glazing options available for the Pagoda roof will help your home stand out from the crowd. As we mentioned earlier, by incorporating insulated panels into the design of this conservatory roof, we’re able to provide a product that’ll make your conservatory more thermally efficient. But Conservanel excels on a visual level too.

How do these insulated panels add aesthetic value to a conservatory roof? The outer sections of the panelling can be provided in a range of different colour formats. Choose from a rich palette of neutral colours – including browns, greys, blue and slate – to complement your themes and finish the panelling inside using decorative laminate shades.

If you want to unleash your imagination, you’ll be able to explore a range of design options with our insulated panels. Both tiers of your new conservatory roof can incorporate panels in multiple colours. Alternatively, just one tier could be used to accommodate Conservaglass or strongly-performing polycarbonate to create a dramatic contrast.

The Pagoda Will Keep You Warm All Year Round

What’s truly remarkable about the Pagoda roof is its ability to improve thermal performance, which is delivered through a range of innovative features to deliver an enviable U-value of 0.16 Wm²/degC. How is this achieved? The 35mm panels in the conservatory roof use a combination of high-density fireproof foam, aggregated cement and laminate sheeting to lock in the heat where it belongs – resulting in a conservatory that’s comfortable.

Conservaglass plays an important part in the delivery of these superb U-values. This high-performing glazing can block out up to 80% of solar rays – depending on which type of double glazing is used – to ensure your conservatory is cool during summer. At all other times, it reverses this effect and prevents heat from escaping, which means you’ll be able to use your conservatory as a room that can be used as a dining area, lounge or study.

The Pagoda roof also adeptly cuts through the legislative red tape that might otherwise limit your design options. If you’ve been thinking about creating an open space within your home – perhaps by creating a kitchen-diner/kitchen-lounge combination – you’ll be pleased to hear that thermal performance delivered by the panels and Conservaglass allow for the removal of internal doors to comply with Part L of existing Building Regulations.

Thermal efficiency will be further guaranteed with your new conservatory roof, due to the inclusion of chambered top cappings. These also prevent the glazing bars bows from twisting or bowing and can be supplied in two different design formats – dome or bevel – which means you’ll be able to further personalise your design. Your approved Ultrainstaller will be able to discuss these aspects of the design with you in more detail when you contact them.

Find Your Nearest Approved Ultrainstaller

Although your interest has no doubt been piqued by the Pagoda roof, you probably have some questions about its technical performance and the range of design options that are available with this product. Your approved Ultrainstaller will have an in-depth understanding of this conservatory roof, so please use our free search tool to get in touch with them.

When completing your search, you’ll be presented with the option to fill out a form and submit your details to us here at Ultraframe. You can use this mechanism to tell us which product/s you’re interested in – for example, conservatories, orangeries or replacement roofs – and request further contact from us. We can even come to visit you if that would help.

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