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14th March 2014
A Brief Guide to Lawful Development Certificates

Find out about lawful development certificates and how they will affect your home improvement project.

28th February 2014
How Do Super Insulated Columns Help to Improve U-Values?

Improve the thermal efficiency of your extension with Ultraframe super-insulated columns.

21st February 2014
What Are the Differences Between Our House Extensions?

Explore our range of high-performing house extensions to find out which design best suits your home.

15th November 2013
What Questions to Ask Before Ordering a Conservatory?

Prepare in advance by thinking through your design options.

8th November 2013
Can I Give My Conservatory a Makeover?

Bring your conservatory to life by exploring some design ideas that you can apply to your new room right away.

1st November 2013
What Options Can I Specify for my Orangery?

Uncover new and exciting ways to bring your brand new orangery to life.

11th October 2013
Can I Install A Conservatory On A Sloped Garden?

Overcome the challenges posed by installing a conservatory on a sloped garden and find out more about our exciting range of products.

27th September 2013
Why Work from a Shed When You Can Use a House Extension Instead

If you're working from home, discover the many benefits of using an Ultraframe extension as your office.

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