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Novaseal Uses Ultraroof to Transform a Conservatory

29th June 2018

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Novaseal Uses Ultraroof to Transform a Conservatory

Mr & Mrs Ball needed to create a house extension so that they could benefit from an additional living area. The couple decided to opt for a conservatory with a standard polycarbonate roof, as their options seemed limited.

Mr Ball explains:

“A conservatory was a perfect solution for us, our objective at that time was to create a space that made the garden feel more accessible so even on a dull day we could enjoy it without getting wet!”

The internal shot of the Ultraroof installation completed by Novaseal shows how the roof allows wide-spanning bi-fold doors to be used, letting in lots of light and ventilating the conservatory. 

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Ultraroof to the Rescue

Mr Ball elaborates:

“The conservatory was a bit drab on a dull day but by stark contrast, on a bright day the glare through the polycarbonate roof was just horrendous, it made it impossible to view any sort of screen, even wearing sunglasses the conservatory was just too bright.

Maintaining the roof was also problematic, over time the roof had discoloured, and it was quite a big job to keep it clean. Our other concern was the noise - on a wet day, which is often the case - the conservatory was unusable because of the rain bouncing off the roof.

Similarly, the temperature was hard to control. It didn’t deter us from using it, but we were always aware of being too hot or too cold.”

Before being introduced to the Ultraroof system by Novaseal, Mr and Mrs Ball actively considered having a glass conservatory roof. But they decided against this, as they wanted to transform the space into a living area.

A tiled conservatory roof seemed like the better option. Mr and Mrs Ball began researching different options for their project and – because they were already aware of Novaseal’s expertise - decided to contact the company for help.

Mr Ball said:

“We knew about Novaseal, and we knew that they’d started installing solid roofs as well as traditional glass, so we knew we were in safe hands with our choice to switch to a fully solid roof.”

The couple decided to ask Novaseal to supply and install a replacement conservatory roof to make their room warmer. The Novaseal team recommended Ultraroof for the project and, as you can see, the outcome surpassed Mr and Mrs Ball’s expectations.

When viewed from the outside, the Ultraroof is equally as stunning. The contemporary grey tiling blends in with its surroundings and light is provided by the bi-fold doors. A dwarf wall adds a touch of traditional style to the revised installation.

Ultraroof Reviews

Conservatory Project: Novaseal’s Challenge

Mr & Mrs Ball conservatory was large, measuring 18ft by 15ft in depth. The space now feels more like a natural extension of the Ball’s home, as it features grey tiling that ties in with the theme of their property.

Before, Mr and Mrs Ball had only ever used their conservatory during warmer weather. Once Novaseal had fitted the Ultraroof, it became a thermally efficient space that could be used all year round.

The Outcome

As Mr Ball summarises, choosing Ultraroof as a replacement conservatory roof was a wise move:

“We’ve incorporated huge bi-folds into the design so, from a light perspective, the room still feels bright and airy. We always enjoyed the conservatory, yes it came with its compromises, but nonetheless, we enjoyed many happy times in there. ,/p>

Now building technology has moved on we’re delighted that we’ve been able to take advantage of the Ultraroof. Novaseal has done a fantastic job, it’s total in-keeping with the rest of our home and has become our favourite space.”

Novaseal also upgraded the fascia and guttering to Mr & Mrs Ball’s property, giving the couple peace of mind and a hassle-free installation.

The following aerial shot gives a better ideal of the scale of the conservatory and the tiled design of the Ultraroof.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

Why Choose the Ultraroof?

The Ultraroof is a versatile replacement conservatory roof system that blends the best benefits of glass and solid systems.

Whether you want to build or renovate a conservatory, orangery or house extension, the Ultraroof will make your project a success

You can choose full-height glazing or opt for Velux windows, depending on your design preferences and enjoy all of the following:

    • An insulated pelmet that will let you add lights and speakers, completing that all-important ‘real room’ feel
    • A replacement tiled conservatory roof lighter than any other available on the market, making it very compliant
    • Choose super-insulated columns that are five times more thermally efficient than brick to improve comfort
    • Add a decorative cornice to hide your guttering and improve the external appearance of your conservatory

Contact Novaseal, Your Local Ultraroof Installer

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