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Why Install Energy Efficient Glass in your Conservatory Roof?

27th May 2013

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A conservatory is a great addition to a home, providing a versatile space which can be used as a sunroom, a dining room or even a kitchen. Adding a conservatory roof is an ideal way to acquire more living space without having to move to a new house, while at the same time adding market value and making it an attractive proposition to buyers in the future.

Homeowners thinking of buying a conservatory roof are often keen to locate a system that will help them to stay warm. The type of glass their installer is planning to use in their conservatory roof is often of interest, because they know this aspect of the design – if well chosen – will strongly contribute toward the thermal efficiency of their brand-new room.

The Importance of Energy Efficient Glass for Your Conservatory Roof

Whether you need to replace your existing conservatory roof or are starting from the very beginning and conducting some preliminary research, your decision to use an Ultraframe product will yield a number of benefits.

Conservaglass is our glazing of choice. That’s because it can block out up to 83% of solar rays, which means your conservatory roof will stop it getting too warm during summer and retain warmth during colder seasons.

A conservatory roof that uses energy efficient glass will provide you with a range of benefits, including the following:

Reduced Energy Bills

One of the biggest advantages of investing in energy efficient glass for your conservatory roof is lower energy bills. Because energy efficient glass reduces the amount of heat loss from the conservatory, you will stay warmer in the winter, lessening the need for artificial heat sources such as electric heaters or gas fires. In the warmer summer months, due to the reduction of glare from the sun, your conservatory roof will keep you cooler. This means you won’t need to use electric cooling systems such as fans.

Energy efficiency in the home has never been more important, which is why so many homeowners with conservatories are choosing energy efficient glass. As well as saving precious resources, it’ll also save you money. Due to increased competition, these roofs are no longer as costly as they once were. For an affordable investment, there's no better option than a stylish and energy efficient glass conservatory roof.

A Functional Space

If you are shopping for a replacement conservatory roof, then your current system is no longer providing you with the performance levels needed to make your room comfortable. This means your conservatory is probably too cold to spend time in during autumn and winter and may have become an occasional space that’s used during warmer weather.

Installing a high-performing conservatory roof will convert your unused space into a room that can be used to fulfil a range of purposes. Transform your conservatory into a dining area, study, playroom or lounge – and add instant market value to your home – when you replace your existing roof system with one that’s been manufactured by Ultraframe.

Warmth and Light Combined

The glazing used in our glass replacement conservatory roofs will invite lots of natural light into your newly created room that’ll add a sense of space. Our innovative roofing systems will also optimise the thermal efficiency of your conservatory through the introduction of additional features designed to prevent heat loss.

Ultraframe’s Livinroof is a case in point. It is a solid replacement conservatory roof that includes an internal ceiling pelmet that’s infilled with mineral wool. The roof also incorporates Kingspan insulation and composite external panels that work in tandem with the high-performing glass to further ensure thermal efficiency.

Our Ultraroof is equally as versatile. The high-performing design of this solid conservatory roof system is described by an insulated area that allows for the introduction of high-performing glass or Velux windows. This is a product that not only delivers superb levels of thermal efficiency; it also looks absolutely stunning. 

Don’t Forget to Stay Cool

It’s important to keep your conservatory a comfortable temperature all year round. Keeping plenty of air circulating will be necessary if you want to prevent condensation, which can lead to the introduction of unsightly and hard-to-remove mould.

To ensure the introduction of lots of cool air, consider adding:

  • Vents. An Ultraframe conservatory roof system will include trickle vents as standard, but you can also add roof vents to control the temperature of your room further.
  • Fans. These will add more than just decorative value to your conservatory and will aid convection by ensuring a continual throughput of cooling and refreshing air.
  • Doors. Add bi-fold or sliding patio doors in addition to a conservatory roof to create an almost threshold-wide aperture that will let in lots of fresh air.
    Windows. Catch the side breezes other designs of windows may miss by asking your approved Ultra Installer to fit some tilt and turn windows instead.

Contact Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Find your nearest approved Ultra Installer quickly and easily by using our search tool. They will be able to tell you more about our range of products, including conservatory roofs, orangeries and house extensions. You can also request a call from the Ultraframe team at the end of the process, in which case we’ll get in touch for a more detailed conversation.

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