Why Choose an Ultraframe Roof?

Why Choose an Ultraframe Roof?

Of all the components of your conservatory, the roof is by far the most important. Helping to support the structure, ventilate the space and bring light into your extension, a good quality roof can completely transform your conservatory.

With years of experience in the industry, millions of satisfied customers across the country and eye-catching, innovative designs, Ultraframe is considered by most to be the leading name in conservatory roofing.


With more than 30 years' experience building high quality conservatory roofs, here at Ultraframe, we know exactly how to get our designs just right. Dedicated to continuous development and improvement, Ultraframe have been at the cutting edge of conservatory roof designs for decades.


To ensure that your new conservatory roof is as durable and as effective as possible, we fully test all of our designs in our on-site laboratory facilities, improving them whenever we spot an opportunity for innovation. To keep standards as high as possible, Ultraframe also use independent, third party accreditation and testing agencies such as Wintech and the British Board of Agrément to test our products and add credibility to our own exhaustive data. In fact, each and every Ultraframe roofing system comes with a 25 year British Board of Agrément life expectancy certificate, so you can be confident your new conservatory roof will look great and work perfectly for years to come.


One of the most important functions of any conservatory roof is ventilation. Without adequate ventilation, your conservatory would easily overheat on sunny days, quickly becoming uncomfortable and even unusable. However, as all Ultraframe roofing systems feature integrated ventilation as standard, your conservatory will be a fantastic place for you and your family to enjoy, whatever the weather.


The innovative Ultraframe system is incredibly flexible, with everything from stylish domestic conservatories to swimming pool enclosures and even restaurant extensions catered for. This means that, no matter how big or small your project is, whether polycarbonate, glass, solid or tiled there’s guaranteed to be an Ultraframe roof that’s perfect for you.

Adding value to your home and creating a stunning living space for you and your loved ones to enjoy, a conservatory makes a fantastic addition to any property.

By installing an Ultraframe roof on your new conservatory, you can ensure it will look great and feel great for as long as possible.