What is the best furniture to use in a conservatory?

What is the best furniture to use in a conservatory?
When it comes to decking out your conservatory in furniture, there are a few factors you should consider before you decide to splash out. Firstly, because your new furniture will see a lot of sun, it's advisable to opt for a set that will withstand this. Fading from the sun can instantly make furniture look tired and worn even if it's only a few months old. What's more, because the temperature in a conservatory is often higher than in the rest of the house, you'll need to factor in buying furniture that will withstand humidity.
Taking into consideration all of these factors, the best furniture to use in conservatories has to be of the rattan variety - be that natural rattan or synthetic.
Natural rattan
Natural rattan is easily maintained. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Updating the look of your rattan furniture is also easy - simply replace or reupholster cushions, or add a throw to keep the look soft and inviting. Natural rattan also gives any conservatory a calm natural look while adding to the feel of bringing the outdoors in.
Synthetic rattan
Synthetic rattan is designed to look just like natural rattan - although it is possible to get a greater range of colours in synthetic rattan. Furthermore, if you fancied creating a really unique look in your conservatory, it is possible to spray paint synthetic rattan to achieve your own personal colour scheme. This is a great idea for modern conservatories. Like natural rattan, synthetic rattan is easily maintained - perhaps even more so. Again, it just requires a quick wipe down to get rid of dust.
What's also great about synthetic rattan is the fact that it is impervious to the sun's rays and water damage. This means if you fancied using your furniture outside as well as in your conservatory it wouldn't do it any harm. Furthermore, there's also the added ecological benefit of synthetic rattan - because it is durable you'll be able to use it for years, and no trees have been cut down in order to provide you with your furniture.
Overall, natural rattan or synthetic rattan are by far and away the most durable, easily maintained and stylish furniture for your conservatory.