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Ultraframe's Tie Bar Alternative

12th June 2006

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The new Tie Bar Replacement Kit from Ultraframe offers an innovative and comprehensive alternative to the traditional tie bar. It provides radical new features including, a new aluminium bolster beam along the ridge, an end stop on the eaves beam and a new Ridge Compression Plate. Ultraframe’s commitment to robust and fitter friendly design has created a kit that ensures a greater level of structural stability than available with any other roof system and offers simple installation for the fitter.

The new Tie Bar Replacement Kit significantly reduces the need for tie bars whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the conservatory whatever the severity of the weather conditions. The kit is designed to strengthen the roof ridge and as a result it reduces the requirement for tie bars by more than 75%, meaning less than 10% of Classic conservatories will now need them.

Traditionally tie bars have been needed to prevent ridge deflection and roof spread when snow and wind loads are applied to the conservatory. Without measures to counter these loads the conservatory would be in danger of collapse. However, tie bars are generally unpopular with both installers and homeowners. For installers they can be difficult and time consuming to install, whilst homeowners often consider them unnecessary and obtrusive. This has lead to some unscrupulous installers avoiding fitting tie bars, risking the potential collapse of the conservatory and the consequent danger to the homeowners’ safety.

Andrew Thomson, Director of Design and Development at Ultraframe said: “Ultraframe is committed to the continual review and improvement of its long established roof system products. In line with this we have listened to our customers and researched the structural issues raised by tie bars. The solution we have developed will satisfy the demands of installers and consumers alike and cope exceptionally in difficult weather conditions. The Ultraframe Tie Bar Replacement Kit boasts a number of new features that not only offer an alternative to the traditional tie bar for the majority of conservatories, but also provides the conservatory roof with a number of additional benefits not available with any other roofing system on the market.”

Key to the kit is a new aluminium bolster beam that runs along the full length of the roof ridge. This acts as one with the existing ridge improving its resistance to deflection and virtually eliminating the need for tie bars. There are also new moulded ‘end stops’ to the eaves beam featuring anchor bolt slots to attach the conservatory to the host wall more securely, a new reinforced starter bar that also improves attachment to the host masonry, and a new ridge compression plate which allows installers to assemble and suspend starter bars prior to attaching the main ridge body, as well as evenly distributing thrust loads against the host wall. Finally, there are additional cleats in the eaves beam at all corners; which is backed up by additional retention bolts where the hip bar sits on the slotted ridge end.

Andrew Thomson continued: “Installers can simply provide their roof designs to Ultraframe or its fabricator partners and we will specify when the tie bar replacement kit is required. Installers using this method can be reassured that the new Tie Bar Replacement Kit has been designed with potential conservatory legislation in mind and meets any likely forthcoming requirements which may impose tougher structural performance standards.”

Traditional tie bars will continue to be available to those consumers who specifically ask for them or where circumstances dictate.

The Ultraframe Tie Bar Replacement Kit provides a unique alternative to the traditional tie bar and, more than any other tie bar removal solution available, guarantees the complete structural stability of the conservatory, even in extreme weather conditions. It also gives installers increased flexibility to deliver a conservatory that satisfies the needs of the consumer, meets the highest industry standards and guidance on best practise and offers peace of mind for both the homeowner and the installer.

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