Three simple ways to keep your conservatory warm this winter

Three simple ways to keep your conservatory warm this winter

During the summer months, a beautiful conservatory provides a light-filled living space in which to relax, unwind and entertain. Unfortunately, thousands of conservatories up and down the UK are abandoned when the winter chill arrives. However, by taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your conservatory serves its purpose throughout the year.

Create heat

The addition of a small electric heater can make a difference in smaller conservatories, but you will need an electrical socket. A much simpler solution is the use of candles. Lighting a few scented candles in your conservatory will not only provide a little extra warmth, it will create a fantastic ambience. Also, consider adding a few blankets and throws to your conservatory in order to provide a little extra protection from the elements.

Prevent heat from escaping

Most conservatories in the UK are not insulated in the same way as the other rooms in the home are, and that can lead to the escape of warm air. The addition of heaters will warm a conservatory up to a certain extent, but their effect will be limited if heat escapes as quickly as it is generated. You can stop warm air from escaping with the use of draught excluders along the bottom of doors and by ensuring all windows have quality seals in place. It is also a good idea to have blinds fitted to both the windows and the ceilings - something a conservatory specialist can help with. Heat loss can also be accelerated when a conservatory falls into disrepair, so regular maintenance and visual checks are essential.

Install appropriate flooring

A source of both cold draughts and heat-loss is the floor of a conservatory, so choosing a warm floor covering could pay immediate dividends. Floor tiles with a high PEI rating will provide a hard-wearing, insulative flooring solution, and they will create an interesting aesthetic at the same time. Carpeting with a particularly thick underlay is also a possible solution to keeping your conservatory warm during the winter months, but you should have your conservatory checked for damp by an expert before investing in your new floor covering.

A conservatory is a significant investment for any householder, and it seems such a shame to leave it unused for several months of the year. By taking these three simple steps, you can ensure that your conservatory can be enjoyed regardless of the weather.