The importance of properly upgrading your conservatory roof to a tiled roof

The importance of properly upgrading your conservatory roof to a tiled roof

Since October 2010, many people have been taking advantage of updated regulations which allow us to enjoy a tiled roof on our conservatories. Tiled conservatory roofs not only look stylish, they also have several great advantages. Improved insulation/temperature control, reduction in glare and added privacy are just some of the benefits to be gained from installing such a roof on your conservatory. However, specialists have warned of some of the difficulties and dangers that can occur from the installation of roof tiles if not carried out correctly, especially by rogue traders.

Because of its lightweight structure, a conservatory is not subject to the same building regulations as houses. Many people are unaware that by placing a tiled roof on their conservatories, they are then subject to regulations involving structural integrity, insulation and fire hazards.

Even though conservatory roof tiles are lightweight, they could still be a hazard that could make your conservatory structurally unsound, and could lead to damage to your property, or even injury if it were to collapse. A conservatory that is structurally unsound could be subject to adverse weather such as snow or bad storms, and you could be putting your life in danger.

It is recommended that before you select a professional and reputable installation company, you should definitely do your background research and make sure their service LABC approved.

Managing director of insurance company Admiral, Steve Thorogood, said: "PVC frames are not designed to take the load imposed by such additions as solid roofs. Most of the lightweight tiles weigh as much as three times the weight of glazed roofing. We are concerned that extremes of weather or snow loading could cause some of these rogue buildings to collapse. If it happens, let us hope that nobody is seriously hurt or worse."

Depending on how your roof is installed, it could also have an adverse effect when it comes to selling your house later on. Lack of a building regulation approval certificate could cause problems or even lower the price of your home significantly.