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The best small conservatory styles for smaller homes and houses

17th August 2020

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If you live in a small home and would love to add some additional living space, you may be considering adding a small conservatory. 

Adding a conservatory to a compact home is a great way to get the extra space you may desperately need. This is because a small conservatory is:

1. Quick to build

2. Available at a modest cost

3. Easy to arrange through your local Ultraframe installer

4. Able to be designed to create the perfect extra living space that you need.

If you think that adding a small conservatory to your home may be a great way to get the extra living space that you need but need some hints and tips on how best to plan, read on.

Small Conservatory

Choosing the best small conservatory

When choosing the best small conservatory to go on a smaller home there are several things to consider. Here is our top 5 list of things to consider when choosing a small conservatory:

  1. Style.

    When planning a small conservatory, it is very important to carefully consider the style that you choose. As your conservatory is going to be on the petite side, it is extra important to make sure that you can maximise every inch of floor space. Think carefully about what you will use your conservatory for and what furniture will be in it. Then think about possible shapes and which floor shape will allow you to use every part of the floor space. Often, more angular styles such as Georgians are a good choice for a small conservatory. This is because furniture can be set along every wall of the floor space and into the corners. A Georgian conservatory will also maximise the available space outdoors by fitting right up to boundary walls etc. A Victorian style is often not the best choice for a small conservatory as the curved areas of the floor space are more difficult to set furniture in and so some of your valuable floor space may be wasted.
  2. Size.

    Many people automatically assume that if they are planning a small conservatory, it should be as big as their space allows. This is not always true. Going back to the points discussed in point one about the shape of the floor space, you would often be better choosing a small conservatory in an angular Georgian style than a larger one in a Victorian style. This is because the smaller Georgian conservatory would offer better use of floor space and provide a greater benefit to your small home.
  3. Colour.

    Colour is a very popular way to personalise a conservatory, but when planning a small conservatory, consider your colour choice carefully. Dark colours such as anthracite grey and black have become very popular over recent years for conservatories. While these would be a great choice for the exterior of a small conservatory, if you choose a dark colour for the inside, it may feel dark and even smaller than it is. Consider going for lighter colours for the inside colour of your conservatory to make it feel as light and bright as possible.
  4. Budget.

    With any home improvement, it’s important to set a budget and this is also true when planning a small conservatory. In fact, it’s often more important when planning a small conservatory, so why is this? The main reason is that if you are adding a small conservatory to a small home, you must be careful not to spend too much and risk over development. This means spending more on the conservatory than what it would add to your home in value. While most people adding a conservatory to a small home are doing to because they need the extra living space, it is also a way to increase the value of your home. Due to this, working to a budget that will ensure you avoid over developing is very important.
  5. Maximise your glass.

    This may sound like an odd suggestion when you are planning to add a conservatory – of course, the amount of glass will be maximised you may think? Actually, there are ways that you can maximise the amount of glass by choosing the best conservatory roof systems for your conservatory. These might be systems such as Ultrasky from Ultraframe. Due to the engineering in its design, the Ultrasky roof features fewer bars than any other conservatory roof system and the bars that are there, are slimmer than on other systems. For a small conservatory, this would make a big difference in how light and bright the conservatory and any adjoining rooms would feel. For a small conservatory to feel as light, bright and large as possible, it’s vital to get maximum light into it through large expanses of glass. Choosing a system such as Ultrasky would certainly help with this aim and make your small conservatory a light, bright and inviting living space.

Small Conservatories

As you’ve seen, there are many things to consider when planning a small conservatory. These are even more important if your conservatory is being added onto a small home. Your new conservatory will offer valuable extra living space and should make the adjoining rooms feel lighter and brighter, and so it’s very important to make the right choices.

If you live in a small home and desperately need more space but are also limited on outdoor space, you may think that adding a small conservatory would not provide you with enough benefit, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With careful planning and choosing the best systems for the project, a small conservatory can totally transform a small home – adding extra space and a whole new dimension to the flow of the rooms.

To get your small conservatory project started and find out how adding one could totally transform your home, contact your local Ultra Installer to discuss the many options. Ultra Installers are highly skilled in designing conservatories and so will be able to help you to realise maximise the space you have available for your small conservatory.

To find your local Ultra Installer and begin planning your dream small conservatory click here.


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